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Predict outcomes faster using a platform built with data fabric architecture. Collect, organize and analyze data, no matter where it resides.
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IBM Cloud Pak® for Data is a modular set of integrated software components for data analysis, organization and management. It is available for self-hosting, or as a managed service on IBM Cloud.


Connect the right data to the right people at the right time

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data platform helps improve productivity and reduce complexity. Build a data fabric connecting siloed data distributed across a hybrid cloud landscape. 

Deployment options include on-premises software version built on the Red Hat® OpenShift® container platform, or a fully managed version built on the IBM Cloud®.

The solution areas Cloud Pak for Data addresses are:

  1. Data fabric and AI Lifecycles – Automating integration, metadata management and AI governance
  • Data Governance and Security
  • Data Integration
  • Data Observability
  • Master Data Management

2. Data insights and applications  – Delivering decisions from data and AI apps to consumers

  • Business analytics
  • Business apps

3.   Data sources – Storing, managing and unlocking the value of data

  • Transactional
  • Warehouse
  • Lakehouse
  • Strategic partners
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Cloud Pak for Data 5.0

IBM Cloud Pak for Data 5.0 is here with new features to streamline data sharing, data integration and governance


IBM unveils Data Product Hub to enable enterprise-wide data sharing


IBM acquires Manta to complement data and AI governance capabilities


Watch how to start building a trusted data foundation for your AI implementations with DataStage and watsonx.data

Analyst research

IBM named a Leader in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Augmented Data Quality Solutions

IBM named a Leader for the 18th year in a row in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Data Integration Tools
Benefits Break down data silos

Access data across business silos, on premises and in clouds, without moving the data.

Keep data private and secure

Universally safeguard data usage with privacy and usage policy enforcement across all data.

Empower all data consumers

Enable users of all skill levels to access trusted data with tailored interfaces (Code, Canvas, No Code).

Stats 8x Access data quicker

8x faster access to distributed data at lower costs across cloud and on-premises sources.

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25–65% Boost productivity

25–65% reduced ETL requests allow data engineers to concentrate on higher value work.

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USD 27M Cut costs

USD 27 million in manual cataloging eliminated to save costs like IBM Global Chief Data Office experienced.

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How clients use it

Integrated experience Conduct your work with speed and ease within one platform.

Built-in governance Prep, cleanse and govern your data in the same tool.

End-to-end AI lifecycle Collaboratively build your models, mitigate bias and deploy without leaving the platform.

Hybrid multicloud AI Data freedom-ability to connect to over 60 data sources and manage your workloads across multiple cloud environments.

Case study
IBM Data and AI for Social Impact Building financial security for low-income communities

Change Machine, a nonprofit tech organization, engaged IBM to create an AI-powered recommendation engine that capitalizes on data to help financial coaches share inclusive and equitable fintech products most relevant to customers’ goals.

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Deployment and pricing options

Software license       

Adopt the full power and flexibility of the Cloud Pak for Data platform, tailored to your organization’s needs. On any cloud or a hyperconverged infrastructure solution.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data Express       

Select one of three pre-built, affordable entry points for data cataloguing, ELT via SQL pushdown, or data science. 

Read the brochure IBM Data Governance Express (NEW)

Simplify discovery and access to quality, protected data.

IBM ELT Pushdown Express (NEW)

Extract, load and transform data with reusable data pipelines and SQL runtime.

IBM Data Science & MLOps Express (NEW)

Build, run and manage AI models and optimize decisions. 

IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service       

Pay-As-You-Go pricing lets you scale services and pay only for what you use1 or commit to a subscription for discounts. You can also try the following Data Fabric use case packages.

Get started for free Data governance

Find, protect, and deliver quality data to the right users.

Data integration

Connect and move data across multicloud environments on premises.

A la carte

Choose one or more individual services.

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Accelerate AI with this all-in-one data and AI platform in-a-box. Deploy faster using preconfigured plug-and-play nodes.

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Use the cloud provider of your choice
IBM Cloud®

Install IBM Cloud Pak data and AI services in a few clicks. Use advanced data and AI tools and get guidance from IBM experts.

Explore IBM Cloud benefits

Amazon Web Services

Deploy a multi-master, production instance of IBM Cloud Pak for Data into a new VPC on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

IBM and AWS are creating a seamless analytics journey with IBM Cloud Pak for Data on AWS.  Read the report


See the Quick Start guide Read the brief

Microsoft Azure

Install a standalone version of IBM Cloud Pak for Data in Microsoft Azure using Terraform.

See the Quick Start guide

IBM Cloud Pak for Data services catalog

Address your most important business priorities and speed time to value with pre-integrated services on IBM Cloud Pak® for Data. Easily customize the platform to your unique needs by leveraging a comprehensive catalog of services from IBM and IBM Business Partners. As an extensible cloud-native data and AI platform, IBM Cloud Pak for Data enables you to scale your data and AI initiatives to meet the particular demands of your organization and industry.

Explore services for AI, analytics, dashboards, data governance, data sources, developer tools and storage.

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Announcing the release of IBM Cloud Pak for Data 4.8

Cloud Pak for Data v4.8 is now available. Learn about updates, deployment improvements, new features, and more.

Introducing IBM Cloud Pak for Data Express

Check out low-cost Express options for data fabric use cases

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¹ A virtual processor core (VPC) is a unit of measurement that is used to determine the cost of IBM services. It is based on the number of virtual cores dedicated to a service's instance or runtime.

² Costs shown are based on pay-as-you-go list prices and estimated usage. Actual cost per month will vary depending on usage and any additional services or capabilities purchased.

³ Starting price excludes IBM Data Virtualization. To include IBM Data Virtualization, please contact Sales.