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IBM named a Leader in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Augmented Data Quality Solutions
How IBM data governance is used
Data quality Address data quality issues Analyze statistics and data quality scores for data assets visually and enable data stewards to curate high-quality data with AI-driven rules. Watch the demo data quality (1:13)

Data privacy Address data privacy and compliance Identify sensitive data and enforce data protection rules dynamically to reduce risk of regulatory violations with role-based access controls. Watch the demo data privacy (00:57)

Data catalog Simplify data stewardship Automatically discover and classify data, assign business terms, manage governance artifacts and enable easy access to data assets. Watch the demo data catalog (1:24)
Demo: IBM Data governance in action
Benefits of IBM data governance tools Use these tools within IBM Cloud Pak for Data to build your data governance program with a data fabric architecture. Simplify self-service data access

Enable data consumers to quickly find, prepare and use governed data with robust search methods and semantic intelligence.

Drive consistent data understanding

Improve data discovery and consistent interpretation with a data catalog that supports extensible business glossary, reference data and classifications.

Manage policies and rules

Simplify data policy management with workflows, address regulatory compliance, promote audit readiness and maintain customer trust.

Automate data privacy and data security

Identify sensitive data like PII and enforce data access controls dynamically across key endpoints within and outside the IBM platform.

Improve data quality

Address quality issues with capabilities for data profiling, cleansing, monitoring, matching and automation of data enrichment.

Strengthen data literacy and governance

Visualize complex relationships between data assets and governance artifacts to boost data understanding and simplify data governance.

Capabilities of IBM data governance tools Advanced data discovery

Find relevant enterprise data assets based on intelligent recommendations from IBM Watson® and peers.

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AI-powered metadata enrichment

Enrich data with context using generative AI to assign classifications and terms from a business glossary to assets within a data catalog.

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Data quality

Automate data profiling to assign data quality scores and improve curation through data quality rules powered by machine learning.

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Data lineage

Gain visibility into the provenance of data and how data is moved, transformed and consumed across applications and data sources with data lineage.

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Relationship Explorer

Simplify data governance and boost data literacy by visualizing complex relationships between data assets and governance artifacts.

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Manage data policies

Protect data, manage compliance with active policy management. Use workflows to create desired review, approval and publication processes.

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Manage data as a product

Easily share reusable data products with data consumers across the organization in a governed manner.

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Advanced data privacy

Identify sensitive data and dynamically enforce data security and protection with capabilities to automatically mask and protect data.

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Data privacy risk assessment

Conduct automated privacy risk assessments on your data assets and obtain recommendations to mitigate the identified risks.

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Case studies Danske Bank

Curate, clean and secure data in an agile way with data governance tools.

Standard Bank Group

A data governance framework for a disparate data estate.

The Wilson Center

Streamlining access to clean, governed data for AI to track and reduce marine litter.

Data governance tools
IBM Knowledge Catalog

Activate enterprise data for AI and analytics with a data catalog, backed by active metadata management and policy management. 

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IBM Manta Data Lineage

Deliver transparency into the provenance of your data and data pipelines so businesses can determine data accuracy throughout their models and systems.

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IBM Data Product Hub

Enable organization-wide sharing and automated delivery of reusable data products to unlock maximum value from data.

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IBM Data Privacy Risk Assessment

Automate data privacy risk analysis by purchasing an add-on that supports frictionless standardized privacy risk assessments.

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IBM Match 360

Consolidate data sets from disparate data sources to provide a 360-degree view of entities with ML-powered and master data management.

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News and events 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Augmented Data Quality Solutions

Discover why IBM is named a Leader for the 17th time in a row in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Augmented Data Quality Solutions.

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Unlock data value by enabling data product sharing

Read the analyst report to understand key trends around data products and the benefits of a data exchange platform.

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Visualize data with Relationship Explorer

Learn how organizations can boost data governance and data literacy with the new Relationship Explorer feature in IBM Knowledge Catalog. 

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Resources Data Governance webinars

Explore the IBM webinars to lean how organizations can accelerate analytics and AI outcomes with strong data governance.

Protect sensitive data

Learn how IBM Knowledge Catalog can be used as a central hub for sensitive data policies that can be enforced within watsonx.data.

The Data Differentiator: A guide for data leaders

Explore the strategic steps to design and implement a data management and data governance strategy that drives business advantage.

Deployment options

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Data Governance on IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

Build a governed data foundation with a data fabric architecture in the cloud, fully managed by IBM.

Data Governance Express on IBM Cloud Pak for Data Software

On-premises customers, quickly build a governed data foundation with a data fabric architecture using our express solutions.

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