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What are content services?

Content services collect, govern, manage and enrich enterprise content so it can be deployed efficiently across any cloud and within any application.

How it's used
Automate governance to help ensure compliance

Apply industry-leading automated governance and advanced record management capabilities, including record retention and disposition, legal holds and more to help ensure compliance, even in the face of ever-evolving data privacy standards. All capabilities are auditable to comply with industry standards and government audits.


View content of any type with an advanced viewer

The universal viewer includes advanced options such as redaction, annotation and document manipulation. Role-based redactions ensure only authorized parties view sensitive information. Annotations let users markup content for others to see or for future reference. Additional document manipulations don’t require users to download content, including editing, splitting content into multiple documents and merging multiple documents into one and rotating pages.

Effectively manage content from any source

Get the most out of your content while maintaining security and compliance with intelligent document classification and data extraction from unstructured content. Granular security ensures proper access from any device. Consistently manage content from all repositories and file shares with proven federated capabilities. Manage content at scale with the proven ability to scale to billions of documents.

Customize the user experience A highly customizable UI serves the individual needs of various departments across the enterprise, allowing each line of business to meet the requirements of their department. Easily customize the UI and desktop to meet users where they work.

Collaborate and share content using popular applications Seamlessly edit content directly through popular applications like Microsoft Office. Social features, such as comments, likes and tags, make it easy to communicate changes to teammates. Create customized “teamspaces” for a tailored experience specific to a department or project. Rely on greater security when sharing content or folders with customers or partners by using customized messages, expiration dates and other security settings.

Content services features

Everything you need to seamlessly manage and collaborate on content


Scale to billions of documents with mission-critical workloads and ensure functionality by using scalability test scenarios.

Cloud-native deployment

With optimized cloud-native management and deployment, you can deploy content applications faster on any cloud.

No-code setup

Create a document-processing flow with a visual, click-through approach to building applications.

Security-rich sharing

Send and collaborate on documents, folders and team spaces with outside parties while upholding security policies.

Role-based redaction

Automatically redact documents based on the requester’s role, streamlining security while ensuring compliance.

Low-code developer tools

Low-code tools and GraphQL APIs let non-programmers rapidly prototype and build applications that embed content services.

AI-driven insights

Accurately classify, extract and get insight from critical data with AI, sending high-quality data to downstream apps.

Cross-repository federation

Manage and find content wherever it is with federation services that present multiple repositories as a single unified one.

Configurable user experience

A highly customizable UI serves the individual needs of various departments, with desktop customization also available.

Granular security

Security based on object and folder levels, relationships and even content attributes help ensure proper access.

Full lifecycle governance

From archiving to retention and disposition, apply governance policies automatically, manually or make them event-driven.

Tools to activate content

APIs include WebServices, Java, .NET, JavaScript and CMIS. Also use event notifications to connect content with popular apps.

Scalability test scenarios

A set of functional and scalability test scenarios ensures you can scale to billions of documents with mission-critical workloads.

Complete administration

Manage full content lifecycles by defining document types and metadata, configuring auditing and reporting, and more.

Flexible storage

Move content between any storage device without disrupting its management and seamlessly run content services on any cloud.

Mobile compatibility

In addition to the desktop and browser applications, easily browse, search, view and collaborate on content on mobile.

Flexible archiving

Archive content from SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and file systems to ensure long-term management.

Enterprise video streaming

Manage video content lifecycles alongside other assets and use IBM Enterprise Video Streaming for on-demand playback.

Integrate with popular applications Do more with Salesforce

Upload, index, edit, collaborate and govern essential sales or service content assets like price quotes, client emails, contracts, case files and more without switching between applications.

Microsoft 365

Create new documents or open existing documents in Microsoft Office, Outlook, Teams and SharePoint to collaborate seamlessly in real time with others.

Manage better with SAP

Archive SAP data and link transactions with supporting documents all while helping to ensure proper governance and compliance.

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