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What is IBM Cloud Pak for Applications?

IDC estimates that 750 million applications will be built by 20251, where and how these applications are deployed will impact time to market and value realization. Application landscapes are complex and challenge enterprises to maintain and modernize existing infrastructure while delivering new cloud-native features. Lack of skills, resources and common operational practices often continue to hinder achieving business objectives.

IBM Cloud Pak®  for Applications (CP4Apps) is an end-to-end hybrid cloud application platform, providing the ultimate flexibility for deployments, building new cloud-native applications, refactoring and re-platforming existing applications. Designed to leverage a comprehensive collection of application runtimes, modernization tools and a Kubernetes container platform to adapt to their landscape needs.

  • Application runtimes and frameworks included: IBM WebSphere®, IBM WebSphere Liberty, Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform, Quarkus, Tomcat, Node.js Spring Boot, Vert.x and more.
  • Modernization tools included: IBM Transformation Advisor, IBM Mono2Micro, IBM WebSphere Migration ToolKit and Red Hat Migration ToolKit for Applications.
  • Container platform included: Red Hat OpenShift®, the industry's leading hybrid cloud application platform powered by Kubernetes.
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Understanding the Business Value of IBM WebSphere Liberty

Benefits 70% less overall migration effort

Reduce the risk of refactoring, rearchitecting and migrating applications with the usage of modernization tools.2

31% more productive development teams

Optimize the delivery of cloud-native applications with the utilization of modernized runtimes.3

33% faster development cycles for new applications and features

With Red Hat OpenShift development teams were able to dramatically reduce time spent delivering innovation.4

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PowerM proposed a new solution based on Cloud Pak for Applications—which provides cloud-native development and modernization options while maintaining support for existing applications.

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Try the open-source version of WebSphere Liberty, Open Liberty.

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Determine the complexity of your applications and estimate the development cost to move to a modern Java runtime.


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