screenshot of IBM Cloud Cost and Asset Management solution

How can IBM Cloud Cost and Asset Management save you money?

IBM Cloud® Cost and Asset Management is a multicloud cost optimization solution running on IBM Cloud Private that empowers IT departments and finance teams to optimize their public and private cloud spending. The solution enables you to automatically discover your costs and utilization, and build policy and analytics to optimize your infrastructure and application deployments. It works across all major public clouds and major private cloud deployments. With the solution, you can ensure that you deliver high quality services at the lowest possible price.


Cost discovery

Help IT and finance teams to easily determine costs.

Utilization maps

Show underused and unused assets you to optimize your workloads.

Policies and insights

Use policies to enable you to proactively place your workloads. Leverage insights to simplify policy building.

Key features

  • Discover costs and utilization
  • Simple user experience and dashboards
  • Analytics and policies for proactive cost management
  • Understand budget variances
  • All major public clouds and private VMware environments
  • Deploy on-premises easily on IBM Cloud Private

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