Feature spotlights

Analyzes structured and unstructured patient data

Ingests structured and unstructured patient EMR data and, with natural language processing, creates a detailed profile of key clinical findings for the patient to compare to trial eligibility criteria.

Mines extensive trial criteria

Ingests site clinical trials from www.clinicaltrials.gov and, with natural language processing, understands their clinical data and criteria for inclusion/exclusion.

Identifies a list of relevant trial options

Quickly provides the clinician with a ranked list of relevant trials for a
patient as well as the trials from which they were excluded.

Provides a workbench to manage recruitment

Provides clinical trial coordinators with Tracker—a workbench to help
manage patients through the recruitment process and share
progress across networks in near real time.

Supports proactive patient identification

Continually reviews the available patient population for potential
eligibility for all trials at the site and updates the Tracker boards.