How it's used

Rental assistance

Simplified housing aid

IBM Citizen Engagement can support intuitive, 24/7 access to services that can help people avoid losing their homes.

Cash assistance

Uncomplicated financial aid

IBM Citizen Engagement offers a simplified intake process that helps people apply for multiple types of aid at once.

Food assistance

Deliver food benefits

IBM Citizen Engagement helps citizens apply for food assistance through SNAP/TANF in the privacy of their home.

Unemployment benefits

A clear path to employment

IBM Citizen Engagement helps caseworkers focus on and prioritize people who need extra help getting back to work.


Simplify care resources

IBM Citizen Engagement makes care resources accessible for busy parents with options to manage benefits online.



Key features of IBM Citizen Engagement

Discover how IBM Citizen Engagement supports a wide range of government benefits programs.

Pre-built business processes

Comes with pre-defined processes for screening and online applications designed specifically for governments.

Virtual assistant

Embeds an AI-powered assistant that responds to citizens with accurate and reliable answers to common questions.


Citizens are notified when they need to provide supporting documentation and can upload documents directly.

Built-in accessibility

This solution meets Section 508/WCAG accessibility standards with an AA rating and a mobile-first inclusive design.

User-centered design

Citizens are guided through triage, screening, application and other processes with a simple, intuitive interface.

Security & scalability

Built with modern technologies to provide a platform that is scalable and secure.

Extendable & interoperable

Legacy systems can be modernized with REST APIs and other integration features that connect to backend systems.

Flexible deployment

This solution can be deployed anywhere, including on premises, cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

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