What IBM CICS VSAM Recovery for z/VSE can do for a business

IBM® CICS® VSAM Recovery for z/VSE® automates data recovery for VSAM data sets that are lost or damaged due to device failure, disk corruption, erasure of data or disaster. You can recover from errors more quickly, decrease offline processing, minimize application outages and reduce compliance risk. IBM CICS VSAM Recovery for z/VSE provides forward recovery and backout functions, plus logging for batch applications. The archive utility creates a report with summary information on all the VSAM data sets detected and makes copies of your system log. These functions let you respond faster to major outages and improve operational efficiency.


Recover critical data

Retrieve your data automatically following physical and logical corruption.

Recover updates

Get back your latest changes, even those made by CICS transactions or batch applications.

Reduce downtime

Respond quickly even when VSAM data is unavailable.

Improve operational efficiency

Maintain continuous availability for CICS and batch VSAM data.

Key features of IBM CICS VSAM Recovery for z/VSE

Archive utility for reports and copies

Set up CICS to run the IBM CICS VSAM Recovery for z/VSE (CCICSVR) archive automatically each time a CICS journal is full. The CICSVR archive function produces an archive report and can make copies of the journal. The information in the archive report will assist the user in constructing a CICSVR forward recovery or backout job (or both). Copies of the journal can be sent to off-site disaster recovery locations.

Forward recovery for data set backup and restore

Use CICSVR forward recovery to recover your VSAM data sets. A user is responsible for data set backup and data set restore. CICSVR applies the CICS journal records to the user restored data set starting at the time of the data set backup.

Backout for removing uncommitted changes

Use CICSVR backout to remove uncommitted changes when CICS online backout has failed. CICSVR uses the before-images from the CICS system log to remove any uncommitted changes.

Disaster recovery strategy for VSAM data sets

Establish a disaster recovery strategy for your VSAM data sets. The VSAM data set backup copies, CICS journal and system log copies can be sent to off-site disaster recovery locations for use by CICSVR forward recovery and CICSVR backout.

Technical details

Software requirements

one of the following CICS environments: CICS V2.3 or IBM CICS Transaction Server.

Hardware requirements

Runs on any IBM processor supported by VSE/ESA V1.4 and above.