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Modernization of distributed CICS applications for hybrid cloud environments
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IBM CICS® TX is a comprehensive, single package of a transactional runtime with a COBOL compiler enabled on Red Hat® OpenShift®. It can provide a cloud native deployment model for standalone applications. The solution can also be optimized for integration with IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/OS®. IBM CICS TX can offer innovation and cost reductions through a platform agnostic architecture and open-source tooling.

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Take advantage of Red Hat certified container images with pre-tested components on Red Hat OpenShift.

Optimize COBOL applications

Build and modernize COBOL applications with integrated IBM COBOL for Linux® on x86.

Explore IBM COBOL for Linux on x86
Enable horizontal scaling

Horizontally scale distributed CICS online applications without application changes.

Configuring load balancing
Monitor CICS applications

Use open source, cloud-native, industry standard tools to monitor your applications.

Monitoring and reporting
Achieve container orchestration

Leverage industry standard tooling such as Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Docker.

Harness hybrid connectivity

Utilize a hybrid infrastructure with a flexible solution that works alongside CICS Transaction Server for z/OS.

Explore IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/OS
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A no-charge product for non-production use

CICS TX Standard

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For first cloud deployments of COBOL applications

CICS TX Advanced

For enterprise grade applications looking to balance investment across on-premise (z/OS) applications and cloud environments for COBOL workloads


Development and production

Development and production

No charge

Virtual processor core with monthly license

Virtual processor core with monthly and perpetual license options

Vertical scaling or up to 2 applications

Vertical scaling of up to 5 applications

Unlimited vertical scaling


5 pods per namespace

Unlimited pods per namespace


IBM Support

IBM Support



Load balancing

Resources IBM CICS TX trial

Experience the distributed CICS® runtime which can host CICS COBOL applications in a containerized Linux® environment in a stand-alone mode or work in a hybrid mode along with CICS Transaction Server.

Getting started with IBM CICS TX

Get a brief introduction into the product and its capabilities.

IBM CICS TX User Group

A community for CICS TX users and useful materials for your IBM CICS TX journey.

System requirements

Browse the list of supported IBM and vendor-acquired software for use with IBM CICS TX.

Related products IBM COBOL for Linux on x86

Comprised of a COBOL compiler and a COBOL runtime library. It is available standalone, or as part of IBM CICS TX to run CICS COBOL applications in Red Hat® OpenShift® environments.

IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/OS

Secure and scalable platform for hosting your transactional enterprise applications in a hybrid architecture.

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Explore modernization of distributed CICS applications for hybrid cloud environments with IBM CICS TX. Schedule a no-cost 30-minute meeting with an IBM Z representative.

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