CICS Transaction Gateway details

Fast, simple mobile enablement

Enables simple and rapid mobile integration of your enterprise IBM CICS® Transaction Server or IBM TXSeries® environment. You can build on your existing architecture to quickly provide mobile connectivity to back-end systems with JSON web services.

Availability and scalability

Use a highly available gateway with policy-based, sysplex-wide dynamic server selection. Workload Partitioning, XA transactions and 64-bit Java® 7 enable remote client applications to exploit a CICS high availability infrastructure.

Transaction tracking across IBM CICSplex

Track user requests from point of origin across the CICSplex® with support for problem determination and performance optimization. Performance management, monitoring and troubleshooting can be provided by IBM Tivoli® OMEGAMON® XE for CICS on z/OS®.

Instrumented administration

Visit CICS Performance Analyzer for z/OS

Features monitoring and statistical facilities, giving planners and systems administrators insight into active workload patterns. Usage statistics are written in SMF type-111 record for offline analysis using IBM CICS Performance Analyzer for z/OS and are available in XML format for easy consumption and analysis.

Integrated with IBM CICS Explorer

Visit CICS Explorer

Integration with CICS Explorer® simplifies operations for new and experienced staff with immediate access to a wide range of other tools. Provides an intuitive way of managing Gateway daemons with built-in Gateway and CICS test functions.

Integrated with IBM Z Application Performance Management Connect

Visit IBM Z Application Performance Management Connect

Allows clients to rapidly identify and resolve performance issues. Helps application topologies to be aware of calls made to z/OS resources and aggregate transaction time information.

Design with JSON Web Tokens (JWT) support

Ability to design standard security solutions based on JWT. CICS TG delivers new APIs to support JWT for authentication for applications.

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment plans help align infrastructure investments with workload needs.