Discover what CCCA for VSE can do for your business

COBOL migration is easier than you think with IBM® COBOL and CICS®/VS Command Level Conversion Aid (CCCA) for VSE®. CCCA for VSE is designed to help you convert old COBOL source code and copy modules to new versions of COBOL. If you are planning to convert your applications from OS/VS COBOL or VS COBOL II to COBOL/370 or COBOL for MVS and VM, the CCCA will identify those changes, and in most cases, will convert them automatically in a standard fashion. The CCCA converts both CICS and non-CICS programs. CCCA for VSE can shorten and simplify the COBOL migration process, easing the upgrade to new COBOL technology.


Enhance productivity

Increases programmer productivity during COBOL migration from old COBOL versions to new COBOL versions by automatically converting most COBOL syntax.

Save time

Automates the identification and conversion of source code, saving time and money.

Reduce programming errors

By using the automated tool, manual programming errors can be reduced.

Key features of CCCA for VSE

  • Simplified migration aid
  • Automated conversion
  • Customized processes
  • Management reporting