Key features of CCCA for VSE

Simplified migration aid

CCCA for VSE is a migration aid that helps you convert old COBOL 68 Standard and COBOL 74 Standard language in source programs and copy books to COBOL 85 Standard language. The aid converts most COBOL syntax differences from old to new versions of COBOL. It also converts EXEC CICS commands, removes or converts the base locator for linkage (BLL) section mechanism and references, and
eliminates conflicts between user-defined names and words reserved for new versions of COBOL.

Automated conversion

CCCA for VSE eases migration to new COBOL technology by automating the conversion of most COBOL syntax differences. This can reduce both the amount of manual programming time required for the conversion and the number of manual programming errors.

Customized processes

You can customize your conversion process to meet your unique needs. As well as performing standard code conversion, CCCA for VSE can be customized with installation-specific Language Conversion Programs (LCPs) that can be used to convert, flag or remove additional (possibly non-COBOL) language elements. You also can change how CCCA for VSE converts particular language elements.

Management reporting

Conversion management reports are automatically generated to record the conversion process, thus providing a historical trace of the migration. CCCA for VSE also produces a statement-by-statement diagnostic listing showing the result of the conversion process for each program.

Technical details

Software requirements

CCCA for VSE runs under the control of, or in conjunction with, the following required IBM licensed programs:

  • VSE/ESA V2.1 or later or VSE/ESA V1.4 or later
  • CICS/VSE V2.3
  • A sort program capable of being used with the COBOL SORT verb
  • When the target language is COBOL for VSE/ESA:
  • IBM COBOL for VSE/ESA Release 1
  • IBM LE for VSE/ESA Release 4 or IBM LE for VSE/ESA Release 1

Hardware requirements

CCCA for VSE will run on any hardware configuration supported by the licensed programs.

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