Key features of IBM C for VSE/ESA

Support of Language Environment for z/VSE

The IBM C for VSE/ESA compiler works in conjunction with Language Environment (LE) for z/VSE. LE for z/VSE provides a common language environment that supports both compilation and execution of applications with run-time libraries serving multiple programming languages.

Interlanguage Communication

C for VSE/ESA, in conjunction with LE for z/VSE, provides Interlanguage Communication (ILC) capability. Applications written in C for VSE/ESA can call or be called by other Language Environment supported languages such as COBOL for VSE/ESA, PL/I for VSE/ESA and also Assembler.

Source Level Debugger

C for VSE/ESA offers the same powerful Source Level Debugger that is also offered with the COBOL for VSE/ESA and PL/I for VSE/ESA compilers. The debugger is combined with the C for VSE/ESA compiler in a full function package.

Packed decimal data type-access to enterprise data

C for VSE/ESA introduces the support of packed decimal (fixed-point decimal) data as a native C data type. This simplifies the manipulation of this data type for business-oriented applications, and the passing of this data type between applications written in C for VSE/ESA and other programming languages. Fixed-point decimal arithmetic operations can now be performed without translation of data into standard C data types.

Coded character set

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International coded character set (codepage) support is now included. The compiler can process C syntax characters, such as square brackets, in source files without the use of trigraphs or alternative characters.

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