What IBM C for VSE/ESA can do for your business

IBM® C for VSE®/ESA is a state of the art, language-centered environment that application developers can use to create, modify, test and debug mission-critical applications on the z/VSE platform. It contains the same capabilities as other modern structured programming languages, and also provides bit manipulation capability, making it a good assembly language substitute for commercial accounts. C for VSE/ESA can be used for developing a wide range of applications in diverse areas including banking and finance, manufacturing, graphics, engineering and scientific, communications and many more.


Improved testing

Supports a common and optional interactive source level Debug Tool, within a full function offering that improves testing and debugging efforts.

Interlanguage communication

Provides the capability of Interlanguage Communication so that it can call or be called from COBOL for VSE/ESA, PL/I for VSE/ESA or Assembler.

Access to enterprise data

Supports packed decimal (fixed-point decimal) data as a native C data type allowing for easier access to business-oriented enterprise data.

A standards-conforming compiler

Brings the proven strength and quality of the IBM C/370 family of compilers to the z/VSE environment.

Key features of IBM C for VSE/ESA

  • Support of Language Environment for z/VSE
  • Interlanguage Communication
  • Source Level Debugger
  • Packed decimal data type-access to enterprise data
  • Coded character set