A deeper look at virtual and community care

How can self-insured employers define their enrollment strategy? See why Chilmark Research believes an integrated platform can help healthcare payers meet regulations and improve member experience.

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Meet employees where they are with personalized advice

Leverage 18 months of historical claims data

Deliver data-driven plan recommendations by leveraging historical employees claims data, requiring minimum input from employees.

Artificial intelligence

Enable employees to have a back-and-forth conversation with Watson to educate and guide them to the best-fit benefit plan for their needs. Employees can chat with Watson about their benefit plans or benefit topics from any device. Employees may also listen to Watson narrate the conversation, or turn off the narration, if preferred.

Educate employees through a glossary of terms

Employees can ask Watson to define over 35 medical and health benefit terms to help them throughout the plan selection process.

Flexible components

Employees can view their best-fit plan through various components, employees can chat with Watson, read their recommended plan through a convenient email summary or a detail health benefits print statement.

Post-enrollment analytics

We deliver post-enrollment analytics and allow benefits team to understand cost drivers, measure program effectiveness and vendor value.

How customers use it

How one university achieved an estimated $1M in savings

Read how this Midwest university implemented Benefits Mentor, which included an online tool to assist employees with estimated cash outlays for offered medical plans and allowed them to explore cost implications of changing to a new plan.

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Learn why Liberty Mutual modernized benefits and reduced carriers

See how Benefits Mentor, a tool designed to guide consumers through their health plan options, helped 38% of employees elect a new plan in the first year.

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Why Liberty Mutual introduced CDHP & PPO plan to employees

According to their Manager of Finance and Analytics for Corporate Benefits, the Benefits Mentor solution allowed employees to see, maybe for the first time, what the true cost of their healthcare had been.

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