Help employees make smarter benefit selections

As benefits professionals know, one size doesn't fit all employees for open enrollment. Your employee populations have various needs, engage differently and favor certain methods of communication.

Since we understand the stress employees go through with open enrollment, we developed IBM Benefits Mentor with Watson™. It delivers a personalized employee experience based upon historical claims data to help employees quickly identify their best-fit benefit plan.

It's time to enhance the open enrollment experience. Help your employees become confident healthcare consumers, while increasing overall employee engagement in healthcare, with Benefits Mentor with Watson.

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Strategic benefits enrollment

No data input required

Leveraging robust analytics and 18 months of historical employee claims data, you can use personalized data to help employees make individualized decisions about their employee benefits plan.

Flexible touchpoints to engage employees

Help improve employee experience through stronger decision-support for benefits plan selection using multiple touchpoints to reach and engage through print, email or digital applications.

Personalized with AI

Using AI, Watson anticipates employee needs and is prepared to thoughtfully guide employees through the evaluation and selection process, using data to inform and guide the conversation.

Leverage predictive engagement behaviors

Segmenting your employee population to provide recommendations and insights based upon their communication preferences and what media they are more likely to engage with.

Helping to improve open enrollment

" It was a valuable, feature-rich tool that allowed our employees to make the right decisions for themselves and their families... We are looking forward to continuing the use and see it as being a valuable, if not, a pillar within our annual enrollment process. "

– Matthew Vlieger, Manager of Finance and Analytics, Corporate Benefits | Liberty Mutual Insurance