IBM CICS Batch Application Control features

Dynamic resource allocation

Automate complex tasks related to scheduling batch processing around online CICS® services. Batch programs can dynamically change the state of CICS system-owned Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM files), transient data queues, programs and transactions. Resources can be deallocated from an online CICS application at the beginning of a batch stream and reallocated when batch processing is complete. Automating this process frees your operators and system programmers to focus on more vital tasks.

Processing control for related groups

Manage groups of related resources in addition to controlling individual CICS resources. You can simultaneously process all resources used by a particular application. A single person can maintain the application group and you can process groups of groups collectively using an application list function.

Automated request tracking

Ensure each resource is in its correct state at region startup with automated tracking. IBM CICS Batch Application Control for z/OS tracks all resource state change requests made within and outside CICS regions and across participating batch streams for less manual intervention and great productivity.

Pre-defined resources

More easily manage applications without worrying about which resources are a part of each application. IBM CICS Batch Application Control allows your application development team to define all the resources relevant to each application in groups and application lists. You can also reduce the time required for the nightly batch window or completely remove the need to take down CICS regions for batch processing, moving your CICS applications closer to 24x7 operations.

ISPF administration interface

Create and maintain information about files, programs, transactions, and TD queues in a CICS region VSAM KSDS control file. The ISPF interface operates directly on the target CICS control file. An integrated on-line help facility provides information in how to use the ISPF administration interface and additional information can be found in the CICS BAC User Guide, and additional information can be found in Chapter 6 of the CICS BAC User Guide.

Batch request utility

Control the state of CICS resources within multiple CICS regions with the batch request utility that runs as part of a standard batch job. By using CICS Batch Application Control in consecutive batch jobs and scheduling multiple batch jobs throughout the working day, you can optimize the way resources are managed in your specific environment.

CICSPlex compatible

Run within a CICSPlex® to manage resources for any CICS system within that CICSplex.

Enhanced batch-job capabilities

Manage the administrative tasks to fit your preferred administration method. CICS Batch Application Control provides two ways: an Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) administration interface and the file-maintenance utility. In your day-to-day operations, you can employ familiar batch processes and terminal-based tools.

File maintenance utility

A batch equivalent to the ISPF administration interface, you can run the CICS BAC file maintenance utility as a batch job to create and maintain information in a CICS BAC VSAM KSDS control file. It allows you to issue add, update, list and delete commands that operate on the contents of the CICS BAC VSAM KSDS control file. Additional information is available in the CICS BAC User Guide and even more information can be found in Chapter 7 of the CICS BAC User Guide.