How IBM CICS Batch Application Control helps your business

With IBM® CICS® Batch Application Control for z/OS®, you can conduct more frequent batch runs during normal business hours, provide more current data to your users and reduce the time your IT staff spends fixing batch-related abnormal ends (abends). By dynamically deallocating resources from online CICS applications and then reallocating them when batch processing is complete, you can reduce the time required for nightly batch windows, or completely eliminate the need to bring down CICS regions for batch processing. CICS Batch Application Control moves your CICS applications closer to 24x7 operations.


Automate batch and CICS app management

Optimize your resources and reduce errors. Automatically and dynamically deallocate and reallocate CICS files, allowing batch programs to run without interruption or failure.

Reduce demands on IT staff

Reduce the number of interventions your operators and system programmers must make to fix batch-related abends.

Increase CICS applications efficiency

Move your operations closer to 24x7 by reducing the time required for nightly batch windows or completely eliminating the need to bring down CICS regions for batch.

IBM CICS Batch Application Control features

  • Dynamic resource allocation
  • Processing control for related groups
  • Automated request tracking
  • Pre-defined resources
  • ISPF administration interface
  • Batch request utility
  • CICSPlex compatible
  • Enhanced batch-job capabilities
  • File maintenance utility