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A trusted, multi-enterprise cloud-based business network that helps streamline, automate and fully digitize B2B transactions, augmenting the power of EDI with API capabilities
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IBM Sterling® B2B Integration SaaS, formerly known as IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network, is part of the IBM Sterling Data Exchange portfolio of solutions. It is a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to efficiently connect and exchange data with their customers, suppliers, distributors and other trading partners using electronic data interchange (EDI) formats or application programming interfaces (APIs). It provides real-time visibility into critical business documents such as purchase orders, invoices and shipping notices. Automated document processing and analytics and reporting tools help businesses make data-driven decisions.

The platform offers a range of integration options to help businesses connect with their existing systems and applications, and a range of security and compliance features to protect data and comply with industry requirements while meeting even the most demanding service level agreement requirements.

IDC Business Value of IBM Sterling Data Exchange solutions
Why choose IBM? Compare features and pricing 383%

average three-year ROI.1


faster to onboard new partners.1


fewer unplanned outages.1

Benefits Simplified connections

The platform enables rapid onboarding and connection with new customers and partners, offering access to more than 3.1 million businesses in our network. Integrating API and EDI connections on the same platform significantly simplifies your B2B operations.


Natural language AI queries give business users clear visibility into data and transaction status. The platform's customizable automated alerts allow your business to efficiently manage by exception, saving time.

Partner management

In the Premium edition's managed service option, IBM handles the onboarding and maintenance of customer and partner connections, allowing you to concentrate on your business operations.


The platform's IBM-managed or self-service options offer the flexibility to customize the system, aligning it with your IT resources and needs.


As a SaaS offering, the system ensures modernization is continuously integrated. IBM keeps your operations up-to-date with the latest in security protections, scalability, and reliability features.

Case studies Hendrickson USA

Hendrickson USA fuels real-time transactions with a new B2B API gateway, a hybrid approach to connecting customers within a single business network.

Saint Gobain

Saint-Gobain has reshaped their supply chain processes with automation and has reduced costs, improved operational efficiency and streamlined manual processes.

The Master Lock Company

The Master Lock Company is accelerating global growth with an efficient, cost-effective trading partner integration in the cloud.

Peer review recognition 
Find out why IBM Sterling B2B Integration SaaS has been named a Leader in the G2 Summer Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Fall, Mid-market and Enterprise Grid 2023 reports. Read the report
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