Simplify and economize supplier onboarding and collaboration

Today presents a unique opportunity for enterprises to build a digital supply chain. In doing so, enterprises can automate manual B2B transaction processes and use embedded AI machine learning to get ahead of potential disruptions.

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  • Remove transaction blind spots with a shared, multi-enterprise, single version of the truth
  • Reduce the frequency of transaction disputes
  • Drive significant resource efficiencies
  • Increase supplier satisfaction for critical order-to-case and procure-to-pay transactions

Explore order-to-cash and procure-to-pay transactions

Supply Chain B2B transactions are often complex. This complexity can hinder your organization's ability to access the supply chain information needed to mitigate disruptions or disputes.

IBM Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence leverages AI and blockchain to make it easy to find out where a specific order is in its lifecycle. IT and business users, regardless of skill level, can explore supply chain transaction data efficiently using natural language search.Proactively address potential issues with anomaly detection and cycle time prediction alerts. Remove transaction blind spots between partners with multi-enterprise shared visibility from order through delivery.

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You can’t build a smarter supply chain on manual processes

“On average, 35% of all manually processed documents have errors.”
- Manual Documents Processing Pain Points, Aberdeen Survey (sponsored by IBM)

IBM Sterling Transaction Manager provides a user-friendly web portal that automates manual B2B transactions. This helps save time and money by reducing errors, cutting costs and improving customer satisfaction with non-EDI suppliers, customers and other trading partners.

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Screen capture showing two graphs displayed on the dashboard of IBM Sterling Transaction Manager.

Give and get accurate and automated product information

Today enterprises exchange B2B transactions faster than ever. And when inaccuracies with product information cause disputes in pricing, payments and data quality, it ultimately results in low customer satisfaction.

IBM Sterling Catalog Manager is a digital product catalog with a unified content management and distribution platform that provides complete control over product management, catalog data syndication and marketplace selling. This catalog manager solution is secure and customizable to meet the needs of your trading partners, large or small, in any geo or country.

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Streamline manual documents such as faxes, PDFs and emails

Manually processing documents such as fax, PDF and email is costly, time-consuming and error-prone.

IBM Sterling Document Conversion Services converts non-structured documents such as fax, emails and PDFs into an EDI or other structured format, offering an electronic alternative to inefficient manual transactions.

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Screen capture showing the dashboard of IBM Sterling Document Conversion Services and several graphs.

Centralize global electronic trade and ensure compliance

Many countries will continue to adopt a new way of ensuring tax and audit compliance with Value Added Tax (VAT) law through electronic trade with greater security and verification. This digital format includes the information required to meet audit compliance, such as digital signature, record archival and tax authority clearance.

IBM Sterling eInvoicing helps companies simplify and automate electronic trade and invoicing processes to meet tax regulation for multiple countries through a single business network. It automates business processes and tax compliance, using global integration standards to support buyer and supplier compliance in a single solution, while also maintaining conformity with the tax regulations of multiple countries.

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