IBM Services Assets

Solve your business problem or services needs with the help of these IBM Services Assets.

Current Assets

Video Explorer Platform

The Video Explorer Platform is a full functionality platform for video analytics (computer vision) application development and deployment.


Enables teams working remotely to crowdsource talent, ideas, outcomes, and expertise across an organization while providing employees with the opportunity to hone their skills.

Comprehend Lite Services

Comprehend Lite enables organization to rapidly launch, track and report on training for employees, customers and business partners.

IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier

The IBM Cypto Anchor Verifier is a technology comprised of a mobile phone, an optical device, and AI software that can detect differences in substances at a one micron resolution.

IBM Cognitive Agent Assist

Cognitive Agent Assist is a natural language processing system based on deep learning. It is used as Virtual Agent for self-service, Agent Assist for call center agents and Knowledge Management system.


SelectStack enables clients to manage all types of virtualization technology (Vmware, PowerVM, OpenStack/KVM, LinuxONE, BareMetal, Containers) through ONE single platform.

IBM Client Vantage

IBM Client Vantage is a multi-platform application to digitally present key information and can include a metric dashboard.

IBM Maximo Production Optimization

IBM Maximo Production Optimization uses AI to predict and pinpoint production losses and prescribe best actions that can be taken by plant staff to optimize throughput, cost and quality.

Advanced Cargo Analysis

Advanced Cargo Analysis is a risk assessment solution for government agencies and trading organizations. It assesses the risks of international shipments based on trading documents and additional external and historical data.

Fraud and Abuse Management System

Fraud and Abuse Management System helps payers identify providers that may be submitting claims and potentially engaging in fraudulent, abusive or wasteful practices.

IBM IP Advisor with Watson

IBM’s IP Advisor with Watson combines deep intellectual property and patent knowledge with AI from Watson Discovery, News, Analytics and Knowledge Studio.


SiView Standard can transform your manufacturing execution systems (MESs) and processes by helping you get your semiconductor line up, running and stabilized early, and improve supply chain management through a unified system.