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Visit IBM's technical support resource for all IBM products and services including fixes, drivers, product documentation, IBM Redbooks® publications and white papers. Tickets can be created through the IBM Support portal.

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Support FAQs

How do I create tickets through the IBM Support portal?

Tickets can be submitted and tracked in the new IBM Support portal, which offers the following self-service capabilities:

  • Ticket creation/updates
  • Securely attached documents, files and logs for review by Support
  • Simplified search capability to view ticket history and knowledge-base artifacts

How do I open and manage cases in the IBM Support portal?

How do I conduct a search in the IBM Support portal?

How do I access the IBM Support forums?

How do I request access to my company's IBM Support account?

How do I manage my IBM Customer Number?

What are IBM's policies for supporting previously released versions of Aspera products?

IBM Aspera supports upgrades of the two most recent versions of a release. Any tickets submitted for products preceding the two most recent versions will be referred to professional services for assistance to upgrade.

How do I check if my operating system or browser is supported for my Aspera product?

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