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Developer FAQs

Do I have to pay to use the SDKs?

Aspera SDKs are available to all developers at no additional cost. You can purchase a premium developer subscription to access support from IBM Aspera Support team.

Are there mobile SDKs?

The Aspera mobile SDK includes support for both iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

Can I embed streaming in my application?

Yes, the Aspera FASPStream SDK is designed to allow third-party developers to integrate Aspera transfer technology into their streaming applications. This lets byte-stream data be sent as it’s being captured or created, or forwarded to an endpoint that can utilize the data stream as it’s being received.

How do I request support?

Visit the IBM Support portal to open a support case and access the support guide.

What platforms can I develop on?

Aspera developer resources include REST APIs, native libraries for Python, Java, .NET, C++, C#, Node.js, and iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

Where can I download the SDKs?

Visit IBM Aspera API Hub, and open the guide for your desired SDK. 

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