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Get started with IBM® Aspera® IBM Aspera API Hub

Access a set of REST interfaces that provide control of the IBM Aspera transfer platform.

IBM Aspera CLI

The IBM command line client enables headless automation of Aspera transfers.

IBM Aspera Transfer SDK

IBM Aspera Transfer SDK is an easily embeddable version of the REST Interfaces.

IBM Aspera on Cloud Help Center

Get started quickly with the help center for both IBM Aspera admins and users.

Aspera Connect SDK

With the IBM Aspera Connect SDK, you can embed IBM Aspera capabilities in your web applications.

Developer FAQs

Get answers to common developer questions.

How do I request support?

Visit the IBM Support portal to open a support case and access the support guide.

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Are there mobile SDKs?

Support both iOS and Android mobile operating systems with the Aspera mobile SDK.

Do I have to pay to use SDKs?

Leverage Aspera SDKs for all developers at no additional cost. Purchase a premium developer subscription to access the IBM Aspera support team.

Can I embed streaming in my application?

Allow third-party developers to integrate Aspera transfer technology into their streaming applications with the Aspera FASPStream SDK. This lets applications send byte-stream data as it’s being captured or created, or forward it to an endpoint that can utilize the data stream as it’s being received.

What platforms can I develop on?

Work with REST APIs and native libraries for Python, Java, .NET, C++, C#, Node.js, and iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

Where can I download the SDKs?

Visit the IBM Aspera API Hub and open the guide for your desired SDK.

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