What AREMA can do for your business

IBM® Archive and Essence Manager (AREMA) is a fully artificial intelligence (AI) integrated, multi-function solution to improve agility of file-based media production and distribution workflows. AREMA orchestrates any file-based broadcast production workflow – providing full control of a broadcaster’s production processes.

AREMA can provide better process visibility, media essence storage and archiving – while reducing costs. It can enable flexible, easy-to-manage, scalable, cloud-based digital media and entertainment business operations. AREMA is designed to enable optimal operation in any new digital, cross channel ecosystem.

Creates customized workflows

Customized workflows (called "jobs") orchestrate the tasks performed on media files. AREMA uses independent agents to execute specific tasks.

Makes it easy to scale

AREMA can be used in small- or large-scale deployments with a focus on archiving use cases or on orchestrating file-based (technical) workflows and processes.

XSL simplifies workflow configuration

By using XSL language for workflow configuration (job templates) AREMA streamlines the task of defining extensive and complex rules.

Visualizes workflow configuration

AREMA allows for graphical workflow configuration and rules definition with the AREMA Workflow builder.

Offers “composite services”

AREMA enables you to use composite services to 3rd party applications such as MAM systems and business process tools like IBM® WebSphere Business Process Manager™.

Integrates workflow and essence storage

With a strong integration between workflow and essence storage, AREMA allows for workflows on growing files, speeds up workflow configuration and simplifies monitoring and operation.

Six good reasons to use AREMA

  • Achieve full control of your production processes
  • Easily scale as much (or as little) as you need
  • Bring all the elements together in one place
  • Decrease costs while improving control
  • Save time by automating the analysis
  • Gain more archiving options

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