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What AREMA can do for your business

Orchestrate content lifecycles, workflows, integration and distribution.

IBM® Archive and Essence Manager (AREMA) is an ideal solution for clients handling large volume content repositories and need a flexible environment that integrates multiple tools and services, in cloud and on premise. AREMA is a sophisticated, multi-function solution that improves the agility and speed of file-based workflows.

Offering packages IBM Archive and Essence Manager (AREMA) – The Media Supply Engine. AREMA is an IBM solution, but you can think of it as different offering packages. IBM AREMA Workflows

AREMA orchestrates large media files and easily integrates with multiple tools and services, in the cloud or on-premises, with more than 150 out-of-the-box application connectors. Customers can easily modify or add new workflows with a graphical workflow builder. Workflows can also include approval elements for human interaction. Administrators get full visibility into workflow processes with monitoring (system administration UI).


AREMA has a content management layer to abstract storage across different storage environments and technologies. It has a fully integrated hierarchical storage management functionality. AREMA manages disk, tape and object storage and the associated movement of files, also using a cache with configurable thresholds. It also enables partial restore functionality for all common MXF file formats.


With AREMA you can automate metadata enrichment (e.g. visual recognition or speech-to-text tasks using external or in-house developed AI services). You can choose the AI service that best meets your needs from all those available on the market. AI processes can be seamlessly integrated into end-to-end media workflows.

IBM AREMA MAM (Media Asset Management)

AREMA offers a media asset management system that is not overly complex, but simple and intuitive to use. Users can search, find and preview video content. They can also review, add or edit metadata and make video content available.

IBM AREMA Migration

With AREMA you can migrate metadata and data from different storage types like tape, disk or cloud and proprietary formats like TSM, DIVA, Sony ODA, SGL FlashNet. Migration is automated with a combination of workflows, rules and custom scripts. Required third-party tools for migration or follow-on workflows can be integrated.

IBM AREMA Hybrid Cloud

With AREMA, you get seamless orchestration of end-to-end workflows across on-premises and cloud platforms. It fully supports DevOps and Continuous Delivery. It can be deployed on classic server infrastructure, as Docker in Kubernetes or OpenShift, in hyperscalers like AWS or IBM Cloud.

How it's used Broadcast and media

Clients can orchestrate media-file workflows from ingest to production, distribution and archiving – allowing cognitive capabilities from video, audio and text analytics.

Automotive and industrial

AREMA supports various automotive formats that extract video and metadata from DAT files recorded through in-car cameras and Controller Area Networks.

Government and security

By combining video and analytics solutions, data is screened for potential threats and consolidated into uniform formats. These can be enriched by cognitive methods, such as facial recognition.

Making digital workflows that make sense
Discover how AREMA manages any file-based broadcast production workflow – providing full control of production processes.

Features Achieve full control of your production processes

IBM® Archive and Essence Manager (AREMA) orchestrates any file-based broadcast production workflow. It has more than 140 different, ready-to-deploy agents and new workflows can be swiftly modified or created. Each agent interacts with the workflow engine and executes one specific functionality – such as actual functionality in file transfers or adapters to control third party systems.

Easily scale as much (or as little) as you need

With AREMA, you can start small and then go to an enterprise-wide installation – while maintaining constant visibility and insight into your processes. The mix of online and near-line storage provides an excellent balance between fast access and cost effectiveness. AREMA improves the speed and quality of your content exchange, while maintaining the quality. This makes the sneaker network a thing of the past.

Bring all the elements together in one place

AREMA embeds all client elements into a single portal framework. The framework may also be used to embed other monitoring-related (web) pages such as IT monitoring systems. The portal supports human task workflows with a task list and task actions. AREMA also centrally administers all services (agents) via the AREMA middleware to help resource managing. A loose coupling of services through messages could not ensure an efficient operation when scaled to several thousand files per day.

Decrease costs while improving control

AREMA reduces infrastructure and operational costs by enabling a services layer that offers essence services such as transfer, analyze, transcode, store and archive to all media management applications in the enterprise. It also improves transparency and control over processes and transactions by using workflow and business rules on an essence level, extensive monitoring tools and a portal-based user interface.

Save time by automating the analysis

AREMA provides automatic graphic object recognition in stored videos or pictures, subsequent auto-tagging, tag storage and tag search capabilities for enhanced person-less graphical object recognition and analysis. It does this using IBM™ Watson Visual Recognition™.

Gain more archiving options

AREMA supports the open Linear Tape File System (LTFS) as well as IBM® Tivoli Storage Manager™ and Oracle® FrontPorch DivArchive for archiving in automated tape libraries. It also provides specific functionality such as project archiving or import automation for Avid Interplay™ products. AREMA also allows secure storage and archiving on cloud, enabling authorized users to access content anytime from everywhere on all devices, including mobile.

Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award


AREMA is a recipient of the 71st Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award in 2020 for Early Development of HSM Systems that Created a Pivotal Improvement in Broadcast Workflows.

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