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IBM App Connect is an industry-leading integration solution that connects any of your applications and data, no matter where they reside. With hundreds of prebuilt connectors and customizable templates, App Connect helps users of all skill levels rapidly connect Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and build integration flows.

  • Simple SaaS integration with a no-code interface.
  • Deployable on-premises and on any cloud or as a Service (aaS) as a highly scalable, fully managed Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • AI-powered tooling to simplify flow development, mapping and data transformation.
  • Supports multiple integration technologies such as API-led, event-driven messaging, and more.
Enhance efficiency and drive business success

App Connect clients have experienced:

200+ Connectors for commonly used applications. Browse connectors 67% Faster release of features. Read the case study 23% Faster time to resolution. Read the case study
How IBM App Connect improves productivity and agility Accelerate integrations with prebuilt connectors

Leverage AI-powered transformation capabilities and hundreds of prebuilt, metadata-aware connectors and templates to accelerate time to value. Easily build automated CI/CD pipelines with dashboard views across cloud and on-premises environments.

Simplify integrations with AI-powered mapping

Transform complex data expressions with intelligent mapping recommendations between sources and destination apps.

Easily manage and monitor your environments and ecosystem

With hybrid management capabilities, admins can easily manage integrations across cloud and on-premises environments, saving significant operational and administration overhead. Powerful management and dashboard tools provide visibility into the performance and health of integration flows.

Enable collaboration among business and technical users

Democratize integration with powerful no-code capabilities and an intuitive UI for business technologists and citizen integrators. Enable seamless, real-time collaboration with technical users to share and reuse prebuilt integration artifacts.

Flexible deployment options where your data lives

Deploy IBM App Connect wherever your data lives with flexible options that include on-premises, in the cloud, and any hybrid cloud environment or aaS as a highly scalable, fully managed iPaaS on AWS.

Subscription & Support (S&S)

Included with the purchase of IBM App Connect, S&S provides real-time access to new software versions, releases and fixes, plus 24x7x365 technical support to help maximize software performance.

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IBM App Connect offers flexible pricing based on the deployment option at USD 200/month
Explore key features No-code UI

The App Connect Designer allows citizen integrators to understand and build powerful integrations with little to no training. Drag-and-drop workflows help users of all skill levels easily create integrations that connect apps in minutes.

Pre-built connectors

IBM offers hundreds of connectors for popular apps across business domains such as marketing, sales, support, IT services, project management, collaboration, and social media for both SaaS and on-premises applications.

AI Assistance

Accelerate integration with AI and natural language processing for field mapping. Receive suggestions for app and data mapping, and auto-generate complex data transformations with a single click.

Explore how AI enhances app integration for improved business performance.

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Developer Toolkit

Integration experts can build complex, multi-style integrations with support for multiple programming languages and fully integrated with source and pipeline management tools like GIT, Maven, Jenkins, etc. 


The App Connect Dashboard offers a lightweight, unified observability component for performing health checks, problem determination and troubleshooting across the entire integration landscape.

Put IBM App Connect to work

Integrate data Transform and move data including from different data formats such as JSON, XML, CSV, XLS, and Binary, and batch, bulk and real-time synchronization. Use a spreadsheet-like UI with hundreds of pre-built functions,  AI-powered mapping suggestions, and inline guidance and recommendations to solve your most complex transformations. Learn more about Integrate data

Build APIs Build powerful APIs that securely access backend data to support mobile-, web-, and other API-led access to data. Easy integration with IBM API Connect means you can configure policies and settings to manage and test the API without leaving the App Connect Designer user experience. Learn more about Build APIs
Act on events Define event-based flows that detect situations and react to new or recurring events. This enables ultra-responsive user experiences that adapt to user interaction, drive more digital interactions over mobile and social, and enable real-time experiences enhanced by up-to-date data. Learn more about Act on Events

Two experiences, one platform

A no-code, AI-guided experience Use hundreds of prebuilt, AI-powered connectors and templates to accelerate SaaS integration and automation across your business. Drag and drop prebuilt components to create integrations in minutes and make SaaS integration easy. Easily design workflows with prebuilt connectors, pre-discovered events and application programming interfaces (APIs). Leverage AI-powered mapping assistance and data transformation capabilities when designing integration flows.

An advanced, fully customizable code platform Harness a lightweight, fast-performing engine that easily scales to support your growing needs. Enable support for multiple types of data integration, including event, application programming interfaces (APIs), services, sync/async, transactional batch processing and more. Auto-generate sample and mock data for a wide range of scenarios. Map data fields and transform data formats exchanged between applications, such as XML, JSON, CSV, EDIFACT, SWIFT and other industry protocols, with AI-powered tooling.

Prebuilt, metadata-aware connectors
Enterprise connectors Connect your apps and data Easily connect your apps and data to work with information from hundreds of systems, including SaaS applications, ERPs, CRMs, HRMs, data stores and many more. All connectors offer native support for metadata discovery, security and session management, enhanced actions (e.g., Upsert), events support, batch and bulk interactions, built-in error handling and development and scaling management. Explore enterprise connectors

Demo video Build Custom Connectors Create and test a custom connector to use in IBM App Connect using the Connector Development Kit (CDK). Access the Connector Development Kit
Client success stories

Learn how IBM clients use IBM App Connect to solve integration challenges


The backlight manufacturer increased production efficiency with seamless connectivity across departments, enabling robust data analysis and monitoring.

IBM Support

IBM Development Support uses App Connect to integrate systems and automate notifications to enhance ticket resolution speed by 23%.


TINE is democratizing data and streamlining operations and business processes across a complex supply chain with enhanced, real-time integration capabilities.


Tabadul improved information exchange in import and export procedures, speeding up time to market for application changes, products and services.

Recognition and awards

IBM App Connect has been recognized as a Leader in G2 Spring 2024 Grid Reports for ESB & iPaaS. Plus, it was recognized for best relationship and easiest admin.

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View the ESB infographic

Read the iPaaS report

Read the ESB report

G2 reviews
Training & resources One-page overview

Discover how an application integration platform can help your organization unlock news levels of efficiency.

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Connector development kit

Use the IBM Connector Development Kit (CDK) to build custom connectors to help applications of all types to integrate. You can start from an Open API document or from scratch.

Explore the documentation
IBM App Connect enterprise as a service overview

IBM App Connect Enterprise as a Service is a multi-tenant managed service that unlocks the value of your data by connecting business applications, integrating data, building APIs, and acting on events. It is fully managed, maintained, and operated by IBM.

Explore the documentation

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Whether you're just starting your application integration journey or you're already a pro, our product experts would love to give you a tour of IBM App Connect.

After you sign up for a live demo, we’ll reach out to get it scheduled for a day and /time that works best for you.

What you can expect

On the day of the demo, you can expect the following:

- The demo will last about 30 minutes.
- You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the demo – it’s meant to be informal and flexible.
- At the end of the demo, we’ll discuss what additional information we can provide to help you in your
application integration endeavors.

Sample agenda

The session typically focuses on creating an automated integration flow. A typical demo covers the following:

- We will start with a tour of App Connect and some of its features, such as the Designer Dashboard view; the “AI-generated flow” option for new integration flows; the Catalog page with the prebuilt connectors that work out of the box. You will also get a view of , where to go for additional community connectors; the Connector Development Kit; the Templates page; and the Logs where all information flows on events are recorded.
- Next, we will create an automated flow. For example, we might create a flow that will check for new leads in Salesforce every day at a pre-set time and create a task in Asana, then notify the respective team in Slack. We will walk through how to create the example flow, and can discuss how this flow can be adapted to perform various tasks and tailored to your unique needs.
- Finally, we will deploy and test the created flow.

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