IBM APL2 features

Interactive problem solving

You focus on what you want to do. IBM® APL2® focuses on how to do it. The base APL2 language includes a range of mathematical and logical sorting and searching routines. A reusable log of your interactive sessions supports exploration and experimentation. You can use both calculator style and traditional programming environments. If you are using Microsoft Windows, full-function context editing and debugging provides a familiar GUI environment.

Powerful data analysis

The array processing in APL2 enables you to work with entire collections of data simultaneously. You can explore new ways to view your data with dozens of dimensions and unrestricted data types. Calculate with millions of pieces of information as easily as with a few, and pinpoint, fix or work around data errors in minutes. You can add new functions and operations as you need them.

Data accessibility options

You can access data using a rich set of interfaces to files, databases and other programs. APL2 file processors provide several views of operating system files: record-oriented, byte stream or formatted for APL2 objects in binary form. Access IBM Db2®, and on workstations, access any ODBC database or tool. Interface directly to Windows system tools and share data through COM or DDE protocols. You can call programs written in C, Rexx, and other languages as if they were subroutines of APL2.

Graphical tools

You can display data and interface to your favorite system tools. Build solutions using platform-independent graphical tools supplied with all APL2 systems or use platform-specific tools like GDDM, X-Windows or Windows GUI facilities using APL2 processors. APL2 offers built-in TCP/IP support and a sample web server to interface with web browsers.

Portability and flexible distribution

APL2 applications can move from platform to platform or be distributed across multiple systems. Transfer APL2 code and data between platforms using the )OUT and )IN system commands. Share data directly between APL2 instances running on different systems with APL2 managing the TCP/IP communication. You can distribute applications across multiple systems using Client-Server, Peer-to-Peer or Controller-Follower protocols and use TCP/IP services directly with the APL2 TCP/IP socket interface.

Technical details

Workstation APL2 software requirements

  • AIX - AIX 5.0 with Motif 1.2 and X Window System X11R5 or later
  • Linux-Intel - Linux for PC machines with glibc 2.3.2, Motif 2.2 and X Window System X11R6 or later
  • Solaris - Solaris 7 with Motif 1.4 and X Window System X11R5 or later
  • Windows - Windows 10

APL2 for mainframes software requirements

  • Currently supported versions of IBM z/OS® with TSO/E
  • Currently supported versions of IBM z/VM® with CMS

Hardware requirements

IBM APL2 for z/OS and z/VM runs on IBM mainframes with CMS or TSO.

  • IBM Workstation APL2 for Multiplatforms runs on Power PCs with AIX, Intel machines with Linux or Windows, and Sun SparcStations with Solaris.