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IBM API Connect® uses the built-in security of IBM® DataPower® Gateway that is designed to secure, control and mediate access to your APIs
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Keep your API traffic secure

API gateway, based on IBM DataPower, is an enterprise gateway designed to securely expose data and business applications wherever they reside, on premises and across clouds. It provides a comprehensive set of policies for security, traffic management, mediation, accelerations and support for non-HTTP protocols.

The gateway acts as the gatekeeper to the applications calling your APIs and helps protect your APIs at runtime. It also logs and reports API interactions to analytics for insights and reporting.


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How API Gateway works

A unified gateway approach that provides protected access to backend data and systems at runtime

Enterprise-grade security Manage threats and exposures with a highly-optimized and security-rich transport-level connectivity layer to accelerate connectivity. Better secure access to APIs through identity assertion standards such as OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, JSON Web Token (JWT) or third-party services. Learn about security management from IBM API Connect

Accelerated transformation Expedite the deployment of new services by using built-in protocol transformation support (SOAP-REST) and payload transformation (JSON<>XML). Ad hoc transformation can be done easily using a comprehensive set of API policies found in IBM API Connect. Learn about using policies from IBM API Connect

Reduced cost and complexity Simplify the topology and operations in a distributed landscape of on-premises and across clouds with a single gateway, which can also result in lower cost and reduced risk. Learn about deploying DataPower Gateway

Simplified troubleshooting Speed up problem determination with near-real-time visibility of transactions through centralized operations. Learn about configuring and troubleshooting DataPower Gateway
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