IBM Airline Control System V2 features

Centralized database and program system

IBM® Airline Control System V2® (ALCS) has a centralized database and program system that provides many advantages over a distributed system, including: immediate access to data changes and program updates; central control for security; and the ability to extract current financial, business and data-processing information for both business management and IT planning purposes.

Expanded application access

The ALCS application program interface (API) enables you to use applications written for use with z/TPF (Version 1.1), TPF (Version 4.1 or earlier releases) and all earlier versions of ALCS with few source code changes. With ALCS, you have access to the full range of applications developed for the TPF family of products. You can participate in an active marketplace where you can buy and sell individual applications or complete application systems.

Wide range of communication

ALCS provides Logical Unit (LU) 6.2 communications. It is fully compatible with WebSphere® MQ for z/OS®. This allows ALCS applications to exchange messages with other ALCS applications or other applications on the same or similar systems, or on other platforms that support message queuing using the IBM WebSphere MQ products. ALCS can use TCP/IP to communicate with other applications in the same operating system region or with remote applications and devices.

Simplified operations

ALCS interfaces with Tivoli® NetView for automated operation of ALCS and its applications – including REXX. It includes Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) panels to improve usability and simplify maintenance. The system takeover facility allows for a hot ALCS standby system – reducing the time needed for planned and unplanned switchovers. It also has real-time database reorganization for online expansion, contraction and optimization of the real-time database.

Increased support

ALCS has high-level language support. It interfaces with the IBM Language Environment® for MVS file medium supported by the MVS Data Facility Product to be written in the C, C++, PL/I, and COBOL languages. ALCS also provides relational database support. It interfaces to IBM Db2® for z/OS® to provide full support for Structured Query Language (SQL) – including dynamic SQL This allows application programs read and write access to data in relational databases.

Removes memory constraints

The 64-bit addressing allows ALCS to use virtual and real memory above 2 GB, removing memory constraints. Its e-mail facility transmits and receives e-mail messages over TCP/IP networks using an external mail server or mail transfer agent (MTA). You can use the ALCS Web Server facility to deliver web pages and application function to Web Browser clients over TCP/IP networks. ALCS also includes an enhanced context-sensitive online help facility to create help files specific to your location.