What IBM Airline Control System V2 can do for your business

IBM® Airline Control System V2® (ALCS) is a software interface between application programs and the z/OS® operating system.

ALSC runs as a job or started task under z/OS, providing real-time transaction processing facilities for airlines, banks, hotels, and other industries that generate high transaction rates and require fast response times and high system availability. Typical applications are passenger and cargo reservations for airlines and railroads, hotel booking systems, and credit card authorization.


Reliable high performance

ALCS provides high performance and capacity, a high level of system availability, along with high transaction rates.

Extensive connectivity

ALCS connects with other transaction processing platforms as well as access to relational databases for business applications.

The power of a z/OS environment

ALCS uses a z/OS environment for existing TPF applications, including z/OS data processing facilities and features.

More portable applications

ALCS gives you a high degree of application portability between ALCS and the Transaction Processing Facility (TPF).

IBM Airline Control System V2 features

  • Centralized database and program system
  • Expanded application access
  • Wide range of communication
  • Simplified operations
  • Increased support
  • Removes memory constraints