Feature spotlights

Lifecycle model

IBM Agile Lifecycle Manager provides a standard lifecycle model that allows you to automatically manage the end-to-end lifecycle of virtual network services, from release management of third-party virtual network functions (VNF) software packages right through to the continuous orchestration or running of VNF and service instances. This allows you to drive more automation and increase reliability in operations without manual intervention.

VNF and service assembly

Leveraging the VNF, service assembly and design tools, you can rapidly build VNF and service packages for onboarding and launching of new services.

Intent-driven operations

Agile Lifecycle Manager includes an intent engine that generates execution plans by building a complete graph of the desired state for your entire service and all its resources, resolving shared resources and placement strategies. It will calculate and execute the minimum set of required actions, considering the actual service topology, to reach the desired state for the target service instance. This means that you can focus on designing your service without worrying about how it should be implemented.

Resource manager framework

Agile Lifecycle Manager provides open integration of external virtual and physical resources to be assembled with others into complete services. It orchestrates external resource managers through their northbound APIs to configure their managed resource instances. The resource managers are responsible for orchestrating virtual infrastructure managers to control cloud infrastructure compute, storage and network resources in support of their resource instances standard lifecycles.

Cloud-native architecture

Agile Lifecycle Manager is cloud-born and built on secure, robust and proven technologies with a microservices architecture.

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