This suite includes

Cloud management

IBM Cloud Tape Connector

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IBM® Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS® easily copies and moves mainframe data to private, hybrid or public Cloud storage. It offers improved security, flexibility and economics for archive or for backup and recovery.

IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS processes and moves your data without the need for more hardware gateway devices. It leverages zIIP processors to minimize CPU cost of data movement.
The latest version features new security options with Life Cycle Encryption and provides “deviceless” Virtual Tape Emulation for a completely software-defined storage lifecycle.

IBM Advanced Archive

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IBM® Advanced Archive for DFSMShsm creates a new archive tier for backing up inactive mainframe data currently managed by DFSMShsm. The additional, lower-impact management tier consumes less CPU resources to improve DFSMShsm efficiency and adds cloud storage to virtual and physical tape media options.

IBM Advanced Archive for DFSMShsm preserves DFSMS policies to properly back up data and manage retention. When applications or users recall data stored in a cloud, it is returned to DFSMShsm control and made available. IBM Advanced Archive for DFSMShsm supports IBM Cloud Object Storage, IBM SoftLayer® and Amazon S3 cloud environments.

Storage monitoring and management

IBM Advanced Catalog Management

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IBM® Tivoli® Advanced Catalog Management for z/OS® provides vital data protection that enhances system and data availability helping to recover quickly from unexpected events. With a single integrated, browser-based interface, it helps to monitor all systems and resources, trace the causes leading up to an alert, create comprehensive online reports about system conditions, and embed information about issues for future problem resolution. Create and send commands to systems in your managed enterprise easily, avoid downtime, and ensure high levels of service.

OMEGAMON for Storage

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IBM® OMEGAMON® for Storage on z/OS® provides storage management and corrective action capability to prevent storage-related outages. Administrators are more efficient with intelligent alerts, targeted reporting, and linkages to related tools using common interfaces and processes.

OMEGAMON for Storage on z/OS covers key hardware and software subsystems to maintain a healthy and efficient z/OS storage environment. Automated actions based on comprehensive storage monitoring for z/OS I/O subsystem performance, space management, and storage availability to help ensure optimal performance.

Storage optimization

Advanced Allocation Management

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IBM® Tivoli® Advanced Allocation Management is a storage management tool for IBM z/OS® that helps avoid processing delays and interruptions caused by insufficient disk space for storage allocation. It supports SMS and non-SMS data sets and uses rule-based definitions to optimize allocation and reduce x37-type abends. You can gain centralized control of volume use in direct-access storage devices (DASD) at initial allocation and end-of-volume processing.

IBM Tivoli Advanced Allocation Management reports total abends and errors avoided or recovered. It can also help prevent JOB FAILED JCL due to insufficient disk space during new allocations.

Advanced Audit, Reporting & Management for DFSMShsm

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IBM® Tivoli® Advanced Audit for DFSMShsm™ and IBM Tivoli Advanced Reporting for DFSMShsm work together to help organizations facilitate a healthy DFSMShsm environment and provide reliability, scalability, and availability with vital components of the IBM z/OS® storage management portfolio.

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment solutions help you align your infrastructure investments with workload needs.