Is Account Group Insights a hosted or an on-premises solution?

Account Group Insights is a hosted solution through the IBM Watson Health data center.

What is included with Account Group Insights?

Account Group Insights is a specific configuration of Health Insights for Plans that includes: Health Insights Dashboards, a configuration manager, a report packaging and distribution tool, and a report archive.

What information do I get with curated interactive dashboards?

With the included interactive dashboards, you’ll spot trends, view benchmark comparisons and identify opportunities to make plan improvements targeted to improve employee population health and quality of care. You can also drill down to view particular subpopulations.

What if an employer client needs a report that’s not included in the standard set?

Custom ad hoc reports and dashboards can be created to support consultative employer group activities. Once the custom reports are incorporated into the application, they will be populated and distributed using the same process as the standard reports.

How many reports are included in a bundle?

Report bundles may include any combination of the reports. Additionally, account group administrators may include custom reports for health plans.

What support do you offer?

Our team of technology and analytics specialists can provide the implementation and ongoing support needed to help make the most of your investment. This includes: data integration and modeling, reports and dashboard development, consulting, analytic data quality assessments and project management.

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