Three IBM Tape cartridge Type E

What IBM 3592 tape cartridge can do for your business

The IBM® 3592 tape cartridges are designed to help enterprise data centers satisfy increasing demands for data retention, security and availability while working with reduced budgets. IBM 3592 tape cartridges support media re-use by enabling the drive to reformat and upgrade prior generation media cartridges. That means existing media cartridges achieve both improved performance and capacity which helps you mitigate the impact of a tape subsystem upgrade.


Protect your investment

Improve performance and capacity with media re-use and up-formatting to enable the drive to reformat and upgrade prior generation media cartridges, reducing the impact of a tape subsystem upgrade.

Increase flexibility and lower costs

Gain rapid data access and lower media costs with the economy cartridge, offering the same quality as our standard length cartridges, but in a shorter, less expensive length, with faster seek times.

Improve reliability

Improve media reliability, increase performance and minimize tape head wear with a memory chip that stores performance and usage records to proactively determine if the tape needs to be replaced.

Key Features

  • Virtual backhitch support
  • Industry standard encryption
  • High resolution tape directory
  • Statistical Analysis and Reporting System (SARS)*
  • Scaled media
  • Economy cartridge
  • Data safe mode
  • Reinforced cartridge
  • Multiple model and format options
  • Partitioning/IBM Storage Archive