IBM Global Procurement applications

Leverage the various applications available to streamline the procurement process and offer support to suppliers

Achieve efficiency with procurement applications

Suppliers can take advantage of the various applications offered by IBM® Global Procurement to achieve substantial efficiency in their procurement operations. These applications help streamline the procurement process, reduce paperwork, automate invoice submission and tracking, enhance communication and collaboration while saving time and resources.


Procurement@IBM allows suppliers to submit requests to the IBM Procurement One Place (POP) support team. The POP team handles the following activities:

  • Support with applications-related issues
  • Support with invoicing-related issues
  • Supplier privacy and security notifications, covering cybersecurity breaches per contractual obligations with IBM

If this is your first time using the portal, you will need to register to be able to access Procurement@IBM. To do so, follow the instructions below.

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Enhances user experience and simplifies the global procurement process through a best-in-class purchasing system for goods and services. This is a phased rollout by an IBM buying country, which will enable a company to transact electronically with IBM over the Ariba Network, eliminating the need for paper forms and enabling accurate and timely responses.

Supply Portal 

Serves as a single entry point for suppliers to access all strategic IBM procurement applications. To access Supply Portal, first create your IBMid. This is a strategic gateway that integrates procurement applications and management of the purchasing process across the supply chain under one umbrella, enabling secure collaboration and transaction exchange over the internet.


Utilizes the Lotus Domino e-commerce platform to facilitate online submission of quotations and price updates by buyers to contract manufacturers and suppliers. It is also used by commodity councils, third-party price analysts and corporate logistics. A-Source identifies cost savings, enhancing IBM’s purchasing power, productivity and time-to-market through electronic data exchange.

Services Procurement@IBM

Enables procurement of external resources for services and establishes a link between IBM service requesters and pre-approved IBM Services suppliers. The web application alerts suppliers, enabling them to respond to resource requests while IBM requesters are notified and can generate requestions for approval to issue IBM purchase orders to suppliers before they can begin work.

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Facilitates standardized business information exchange between IBM and its suppliers. This helps optimize document processes, reduce cycle time, provide invoice tracing and control, improve data quality, enable direct funds deposit and create a closed loop process. Its mission also includes accurate and timely payments to suppliers and maximizing quality data input and cost savings.

You can access EDI through the Supply Portal. Contact EDI support at for help with purchase or purchase order changes. Contact TRADEDI support at for help with invoicing-related issues.

Check out the resources to understand more about EDI:

PLM EASI (engineering and supplier information) portal

Provides electronic access for suppliers to IBM technical design data. This cloud-based application is connected to, enabling authorized users with IBMids to securely download engineering-controlled files by part number or EC number, with PDF and text files viewable from the web. EASI also provides access to IBM’s material codes, crimp book and corporate standards.

Electronic supply chain interlock (ESI)

Offers an electronic data management and communication system for supply chain collaboration with IBM registered and approved suppliers. In ESI, IBM coordinators add and approve suppliers and supplier coordinators, who then register and approve others and delegate functions. All IBM transactions through the registered councils are logged for future reference and auditing.

Web Order and Invoice (WOI)

Offers a strategic web-based solution to manage the presentation of purchase orders and to support the entry of invoices. WOI replaced the Forms Exchange (FOX) application, which was the tactical Lotus Notes-based web solution that utilized a value added network (VAN), as an electronic communication alternative to suppliers with low business transaction volumes.

Procurement engineering tool (PETS) Offers procurement engineering toolset (PETS) ,an e-commerce application, to calculate IBM supplier capabilities and map these against IBM technology requirements. There are five tools in this toolset: Access PETS tools (through the Supply Portal) End of Life (EOL)

Manage and track IBM vendor-initiated product or process end of life (EOL) with the EOL tool.

Read the EOL help guide
Product, Process Change Notices (PCN)

Manage and track IBM vendor-initiated product or process change notifications with the PCN tool

Read the PCN help guide
Centralized Audit Tool (CAT)

Centralize IBM supplier audit data with CAT, formerly known as Quality Information Network (QIN), covering qualification, risk management, quality and performance audits.

Read the CAT help guide
Supplier Problem Log (SPL)

Leverage SPL for structured issue identification, resolution tracking and as a central repository for commodity related quality issues across IBM.

Read the SPL help guide
Supplier Quality Management System (SQMS)

Leverage SQMS as a collaborative supplier and IBM tool for quality data and metrics of purchased commodities.

Explore the SQMS help guide Check out the SQMS calendar
Global catalog facility(GCF)

Optimizes content and data quality within the GCF cloud marketplace accessible to P2P systems while hosting content from thousands of suppliers and implementing advanced catalog features.  GCF offers simple, automated and cost-effective content management solution, enabling suppliers to use existing product catalog delivery systems to transmit their offerings to IBM.

Need help?

Procurement@IBM allows suppliers to submit requests to the IBM Procurement One Place (POP) support team. If this is your first time using the portal, you will need to have an IBMid and a Procurement@IBM account before you can access it.

Already registered? Access Procurement@IBM using your login credentials Need to register? View the Procurement@IBM registration instructions before submitting a form.