IBM Global Procurement contractor safety

Promoting safety, health and environmental awareness among contractors working for IBM

Committed to contractor safety 

At IBM®, we believe safety, health and environmental awareness are fundamental components of every activity. It is IBM's policy that work performed by contractors does not compromise the well-being of IBM employees, customers, or visitors. As such, all contractor work is required to be in compliance with applicable regulatory and IBM requirements and the contract terms and conditions. IBM has developed guidance documents to familiarize contractors, subcontractors and their employees working at an IBM facility with important information about our safety and environmental policies. This guidance is not intended to be all inclusive but does include the topics which are important and are most frequently of concern and should be considered as minimum requirements supplementing the contractor's safety program. It is the responsibility of each contracting firm to make sure that its employees comply with the guidance in the applicable document.

Contractor safety guides Global contractor safety guide

The global contractor safety guide is applicable for all IBM locations, in addition to any country or location-specific guide that may apply.

IBM global contractor safety guide
U.S. Contractor Safety Guides 

The IBM U.S. Contractor guide applies to all U.S. locations unless a location-specific guide exists, and now also includes the IBM U.S. Contractor guide for providers of administrative services.

U.S. IBM Contractor safety guide
IBM location-specific contractor safety guides

The IBM location-specific contractor safety guides underscore IBM’s commitment to prioritize the safety, health of its contractors and the environment at its research facilities, including those at Almaden and Yorktown Heights, New York. 

Canada guides

The IBM Canada contractor guide is applicable at all Canada locations unless a location-specific guide exists.

Other geo, country, or location-specific

All locations not mentioned, whether within the U.S. or outside the U.S., should consult the IBM global contractors safety guide.

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