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Maximizing value in procurement for our suppliers, clients and the IBM enterprise

Driving innovation and transformation through optimized procurement operations

For more than 100 years, IBM® has been at the forefront of innovation and transformation and IBM Global Procurement has played a critical role in this journey.

We leverage strategic partnerships across our networks, and utilize cutting-edge technologies to act as a trusted business advisor to our clients. We recommend the greatest opportunities and execute with speed to capture value. Our goal is to delight our clients every day. The best way to accomplish this goal is by developing and driving innovative relationships among our greatest assets—our talented employees and our world-class supplier base. Together we improve the client experience and provide the best possible outcomes.

Our goal is to delight our clients every day Lorie Meola, Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer
Meet IBM's Chief Procurement Officer
Lorie Meola Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer
Our mission
IBM Global Procurement focuses on rapid support for our clients. We seek to solve their problems and act with speed to facilitate success. Our direct, indirect, transformation and operations procurement teams serve all brands for IBM, and perform procurement services for exterior clients. We create value by managing cost, risk, delivering on-time and continuously identifying ways to improve our clients' satisfaction and support their strategies.
Our values 1 - IBM Procurement core values

Portray the understanding, integrity, team work, initiative and urgency that the company and all its divisions hold in the highest esteem.

2 - Integrity and teamwork

Honor all agreements to build trust-based relationship with suppliers and partners to enhance procurement efficiency and support IBM's market success.

3 - Understanding

Understand and actively communicate the needs and capabilities of the entire supply chain, IBM's customers, IBM internal clients and all suppliers.

4 - Initiative and urgency

Focus on continuous improvement to gain a competitive advantage and increasing efficiency through the use of available e-Procurement tools. 

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