This Statement is effective as of September 29, 2016, and as modified effective March 28, 2019.

This IBM Privacy Shield Privacy Policy for Cloud Services (the “Policy”) applies to the IBM Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, and other hosted offerings that are Privacy Shield certified (“Privacy Shield-Certified Cloud Services”). A list of these offerings is provided below; if an offering is not on this list, it is not covered by the Privacy Shield.

As the Privacy Shield only applies to personal data transferred from European Economic Area (EEA), the United Kingdom and from Switzerland to the United States, this Statement only applies to personal data from the EEA, the United Kingdom and Switzerland that is hosted in the United States through the Privacy Shield-Certified Cloud Services or for select offerings when the data is hosted outside the United States but the Cloud Service processing is temporarily directed to a United States data center to enable continued availability and resiliency. This Policy does not otherwise apply when clients choose to have their offering content hosted in other countries.

IBM’s Privacy Shield-Certified Cloud Services process content (which may include the personal data of individual end users) on behalf of enterprise clients. In this scenario, and as provided below, IBM may direct inquiries from individual end users to the enterprise client that oversees the use of their personal data.

IBM complies with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework (Privacy Shield) as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information transferred from the European Union, the United Kingdom and Switzerland to the United States in reliance on Privacy Shield. IBM has certified to the Department of Commerce that it adheres to the Privacy Shield Principles with respect to such information. If there is any conflict between the terms in this privacy policy and the Privacy Shield Principles, the Privacy Shield Principles shall govern.

All personal data received from the EEA, the United Kingdom and Switzerland in connection with Privacy Shield-Certified Cloud Services is subject to the Privacy Shield principles as described in the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework, respectively, which apply to all IBM affiliates that process personal data associated with Privacy Shield-Certified Cloud Services.

To learn more about the Privacy Shield Program, or to view the certification applicable to certain IBM Cloud Services, please visit

Personal Data: Types and Purpose for Use

The types of personal data that Privacy Shield-Certified Cloud Services collect will vary based on the type and nature of each offering, and is described in its offering documentation (searchable via this link) or as otherwise provided by IBM. IBM uses such personal data as needed to deliver the Cloud Service, along with additional purposes that may be described in the corresponding TD or Attachment.

Use of Subprocessors

IBM may use processors and subprocessors (including personnel and resources) in locations worldwide to deliver the Cloud Services. A list of subprocessors is available upon request. If IBM subcontracts the performance of any of the Cloud Services pursuant to any Attachment or TD, IBM will be liable to the Client for the acts and omissions of IBM subcontractors as if they were the acts or omissions of IBM under the agreement governing the Cloud Services (subject to the limits and exclusions of liability).

Regulatory Authority and Disclosures

IBM is subject to investigatory and enforcement powers of the Federal Trade Commission in the United States in connection with its Privacy Shield program. IBM may also be required to disclose personal information in response to lawful requests by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements.

Additional Information for End Users

If end users have any questions or complaints concerning IBM’s processing of personal data on behalf of an IBM enterprise client, they are invited to contact the enterprise client directly, or they may contact IBM at End users who wish to access the personal data that IBM hosts on behalf of an enterprise client, or to make choices concerning their data, are invited to contact the enterprise client directly.

Dispute Resolution

If you have an unresolved privacy or data use concern that we have not addressed satisfactorily, please contact our U.S.-based third party dispute resolution provider (free of charge) at In addition, and as described in the Privacy Shield Principles, you may also have the option of invoking binding arbitration after other dispute resolution procedures have been exhausted.

Account Data

Account data -- i.e. all information about IBM’s clients or their users provided to or collected by IBM (including through tracking and other technologies, such as cookies) – is covered by the IBM Online Privacy Statement, available at

Privacy Shield-Certified Cloud Services


  • IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog


  • IBM Bluemix Private Cloud – Dedicated
  • IBM Bluemix Private Cloud – Local
  • IBM Bluemix Private Cloud with Red Hat
  • IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

    IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions specifically includes:

    • VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud
    • VMware vSphere on IBM Cloud
    • NetApp ONTAP Select
    • Single-node Trial for Migration and App Modernization
    • Single-node Trial for Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
    • Caveonix RiskForesight on IBM Cloud
    • IBM Cloud Private Hosted
    • FortiGate Security Appliance on IBM Cloud
    • FortiGate Virtual Appliance on IBM Cloud
    • F5 on IBM Cloud
    • IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization
    • HyTrust CloudControl on IBM Cloud
    • HyTrust DataControl on IBM Cloud
    • HyTrust KeyControl on IBM Cloud
    • KMIP for VMware on IBM Cloud
    • IBM Spectrum Protect Plus on IBM Cloud
    • Veeam on IBM Cloud
    • Zerto on IBM Cloud
  • IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment
  • IBM Cloud Infrastructure Services (formerly known as "IBM Bluemix Infrastructure Services” and/or "SoftLayer")

Collaboration Solutions

  • IBM Connections Cloud

    IBM Connections Cloud includes:

    • IBM Connections Cloud S1
    • IBM Connections Cloud S2
    • IBM Connection Social Cloud
    • IBM Connections Chat Cloud
    • IBM Connections Meetings Cloud
    • IBM Connections Compliance for Mail
    • IBM Connections Compliance Entry for Mail
    • IBM Connections Compliance for Social
    • IBM Connections Docs Cloud
    • IBM Traveler for SmartCloud Notes
    • IBM Web Mail Cloud
    • IBM Audio Conferencing Services for Meetings Cloud
    • IBM SmartCloud Notes
    • IBM Connections Files Cloud
  • IBM Kenexa Assessments on Cloud (formerly known as "IBM Kenexa Assess on Cloud")
  • IBM Verse
  • IBM Watson Workspace (formerly known as "IBM Watson Workspace and Work Services")
  • IBM Watson Workspace Plus
  • IBM Workflow Services for Box Relay

GBS – Cognitive Process Services

  • IBM Integration Services-Standard

GTS – Cloud Managed Services

  • IBM Cloud for Oracle Solutions
  • IBM Cloud for SAP Applications (IC4SAP)
  • IBM Cloud Managed Services (CMS)
  • IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure
  • IBM SmartCloud for Managed Application Services (SC4MAS 2012.1)

Hybrid Cloud

  • IBM Alert Notification (also known as "IBM Alert Notification for Bluemix" and "IBM Alert Notification for Marketplace")
  • IBM API Connect for Bluemix
  • IBM API Connect Test and Monitor on Cloud (also known as “IBM API Connect Test and Monitor”)
  • IBM App Connect (also known as "IBM App Connect Personal on Cloud")
  • IBM App Connect (formerly known as "IBM App Connect on Bluemix")
  • IBM App Connect Professional (also known as "IBM App Connect Professional on Cloud")
  • IBM Aspera Files
  • IBM Aspera on Cloud
  • IBM BigInsights on Cloud
  • IBM Blueworks Live
  • IBM Business Automation Content Services on Cloud
  • IBM Business Automation Workflow on Cloud
  • IBM Business Process Manager Hybrid Entitlement
  • IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud
  • IBM Business Rules for Bluemix
  • IBM Case Manager on Cloud
  • IBM Cloud Application Performance Management
  • IBM Cloud Event Management (also known as "IBM Cloud Event Management in Bluemix" and "IBM Cloud Event Management for Marketplace")
    • IBM Cloud Event Management includes IBM Alert Notification and IBM Runbook Automation
  • IBM Cloud High-Speed Transfer Service (also known as "IBM Aspera Transfer Service")
  • IBM Cloud HPC Cluster
  • IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud
  • IBM Cognos Controller on Cloud
  • IBM Content Foundation on Cloud
  • IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition on Cloud
  • IBM Content Manager OnDemand on Cloud
  • IBM Control Desk on Cloud
  • IBM Datacap on Cloud
  • IBM Db2 Hosted
  • IBM DB2 on Cloud
  • IBM DB2 Warehouse on Cloud
  • IBM Decision Composer
  • IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud
  • IBM Globalization Pipeline for IBM Cloud
  • IBM Informix on Cloud
  • IBM Integration Bus on Cloud
  • IBM Master Data Management on Cloud
  • IBM MQ on Cloud (pre-pay)
  • IBM MQ on IBM Cloud (pay-as-you-go)
  • IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud
  • IBM Planning Analytics (formerly known as "IBM TM1/Planning Analytics")
  • IBM Predictive Insights on Cloud
  • IBM PureApplication Services
  • IBM Runbook Automation
  • IBM Secure Gateway for IBM Cloud (formerly known as "IBM Secure Gateway on Bluemix")
  • IBM Social Media Analytics (also known as "IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media")
  • IBM SPSS Modeler Subscription
  • IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription
  • IBM Voice Agent with Watson
  • IBM Watson Analytics
  • IBM Watson Machine Learning
  • IBM Watson Machine Learning Services

Industry Platforms

  • IBM Blockchain Document Store
  • IBM Client Insight for Wealth Management on Cloud (also known as "IBM Watson Client Insight for Wealth Management")
  • IBM Customer Insight for Banking on Cloud
  • IBM Customer Insight for Insurance on Cloud
  • IBM Incentive Compensation Management on Cloud
  • IBM OpenPages GRC on Cloud
  • IBM Sales Performance Management Sales Planning
  • IBM Surveillance Insight for Financial Services on Cloud
  • IBM Watson Regulatory Compliance (formerly known as "IBM Regulatory Compliance Analytics")

Internet of Things

  • IBM Acoustic Insights
  • IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management on Cloud
  • IBM DOORS Next Generation on Cloud
  • IBM Engineering Lifecycle Manager on Cloud
  • IBM Enterprise Asset Management Fundamentals on Cloud (Maximo)
  • IBM Enterprise Asset Management on Cloud (Maximo)
  • IBM Enterprise Asset Management on Cloud Flex (Maximo)
  • IBM Facilities and Real Estate Management on Cloud (TRIRIGA)
  • IBM Facilities and Real Estate Management on Cloud Flex (TRIRIGA)
  • IBM IoT Connected Vehicle Insights (formerly known as "IBM IoT for Automotive")
  • IBM IoT Connection Service
  • IBM IoT Continuous Engineering on Cloud
  • IBM IoT for Electronics
  • IBM IoT for Energy and Utilities on Cloud
  • IBM IoT Worker and Home Insights (formerly known as "IBM Internet of Things for Insurance")
  • IBM Plant Advisor
  • IBM Plant Performance Analytics
  • IBM Prescriptive Maintenance for Manufacturing
  • IBM Prescriptive Quality for Manufacturing
  • IBM Prescriptive Warranty for Manufacturing
  • IBM Rational Quality Manager on Cloud
  • IBM Rhapsody Design Manager on Cloud
  • IBM Team Concert on Cloud
  • IBM Track and Plan on Cloud
  • IBM Visual Insights
  • IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform (also known as "IBM Watson IoT Platform")


  • IBM Cloud Identity (formerly known as "IBM Cloud Identity Connect")
  • IBM Cloud Identity Service
  • IBM MaaS360
  • IBM Managed Security Services (MSS)
  • IBM QRadar on Cloud (Formerly IBM Security Intelligence on Cloud)
  • IBM Single Sign On for IBM Cloud (formerly known as "IBM Single Sign On for Bluemix")
  • IBM Trusteer Mobile Browser
  • IBM Trusteer Mobile SDK
  • IBM Trusteer Pinpoint

    IBM Trusteer Pinpoint includes:

    • IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect
    • IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Criminal Detection
    • IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Malware Detection
  • IBM Trusteer Rapport (also known as "IBM Security Trusteer Rapport")
  • IBM Trusteer Rapport Remediation
  • IBM X-Force Exchange


  • IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services
  • IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS for MongoDB
  • IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS for PostgreSQL
  • IBM Storage Insights (formerly known as "IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights")

Watson & Cloud Platform

  • IBM AI OpenScale (also known as “IBM Watson AI OpenScale”)
  • IBM Analytics Engine
  • IBM Analytics for Apache Spark
  • IBM Analytics for Apache Spark for IBM Cloud [also known as "IBM Analytics for Apache Spark (Bluemix)"]
  • IBM Cloud Activity Tracker (also known as "Argonauts - IBM Cloud Activity Tracker")
  • IBM Cloud App ID
  • IBM Cloud Certificate Manager
  • IBM Cloud Container Registry (also known as "Argonauts - IBM Cloud Container Registry")
  • IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery Dedicated
  • IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery Public
  • IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch
  • IBM Cloud Databases for etcd
  • IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB
  • IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL
  • IBM Cloud Databases for Redis
  • IBM Cloud DevOps Insights
  • IBM Cloud Functions (also known as "Argonauts - IBM Cloud Functions")
  • IBM Cloud Internet Services
  • IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (formerly known as "IBM Cloud Container Service")
  • IBM Cloud Messages for RabbitMQ
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage - Infrastructure [also known as "IBM Cloud Object Storage (IaaS)"]
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage Dedicated
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage Select
  • IBM Cloud Platform (formerly known as "IBM Bluemix Platform")
  • IBM Cloud Security Advisor
  • IBM Cloud SQL Query
  • IBM Cloud Video Enterprise Content Delivery Network
  • IBM Cloudant Dedicated Cluster
  • IBM Cloudant for IBM Cloud
  • IBM Compose Enterprise
  • IBM Compose Enterprise Paygo
  • IBM Compose for Elasticsearch for IBM Cloud
  • IBM Compose for etcd for IBM Cloud
  • IBM Compose for JanusGraph for IBM Cloud
  • IBM Compose for MongoDB for IBM Cloud
  • IBM Compose for MySQL for IBM Cloud
  • IBM Compose for PostgreSQL for IBM Cloud
  • IBM Compose for RabbitMQ for IBM Cloud
  • IBM Compose for Redis for IBM Cloud
  • IBM Compose for RethinkDB for IBM Cloud
  • IBM Compose for ScyllaDB for IBM Cloud
  • IBM Event Streams for IBM Cloud (formerly known as "IBM Message Hub for IBM Cloud" or "IBM Message Hub")
  • IBM Geospatial Analytics for IBM Cloud (formerly "IBM Geospatial Analytics for Bluemix")
  • IBM GitHub Enterprise on IBM Cloud Dedicated
  • IBM Kenexa LCMS Premiere on Cloud
  • IBM Kenexa LMS on Cloud
  • IBM Kenexa Skills Manager on Cloud (formerly known as "IBM Kenexa Skills Manager")
  • IBM Kenexa Talent Suite (formerly known as "IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite")
  • IBM Key Protect for IBM Cloud
  • IBM Log Analysis (also known as "IBM Cloud Log Analysis" and/or "Argonauts - IBM Cloud Log Analysis")
  • IBM Mobile Analytics for Cloud
  • IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation
  • IBM Object Storage OpenStack Swift (infrastructure) [formerly known as Bluemix: IBM Object Storage for Bluemix (IaaS)]
  • IBM Push Notifications for IBM Cloud
  • IBM Streaming Analytics for IBM Cloud
  • IBM Watson Assistant
  • IBM Watson Candidate Assistant
  • IBM Watson Captioning
  • IBM Watson Compare and Comply
  • IBM Watson Discovery
  • IBM Watson Knowledge Studio
  • IBM Watson Language Translator
  • IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier
  • IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding
  • IBM Watson Personality Insights
  • IBM Watson Recruitment
  • IBM Watson Speech to Text
  • IBM Watson Studio Enterprise (formerly known as "IBM Watson Studio")
  • IBM Watson Studio Paygo
  • IBM Watson Talent Insights (formerly known as "IBM Talent Insights")
  • IBM Watson Text to Speech
  • IBM Watson Tone Analyzer
  • IBM Watson Video Enrichment
  • IBM Watson Visual Recognition

Watson Customer Engagement

  • IBM B2B Integration Services
  • IBM Behavior Based Fan Insight
  • IBM Call Center
  • IBM Campaign Managed Hosted
  • IBM Commerce on Cloud (also known as “IBM Commerce on Cloud – Commerce Service” and “IBM Commerce Service Hosted”)
  • IBM Digital Analytics
  • IBM Digital Commerce
  • IBM Digital Experience on Cloud
  • IBM Dynamic Pricing
  • IBM eMessage
  • IBM Emptoris Contract Management on Cloud
  • IBM Emptoris Program Management on Cloud
  • IBM Emptoris Services Procurement
  • IBM Emptoris Sourcing on Cloud
  • IBM Emptoris Spend Analysis on Cloud
  • IBM Emptoris Strategic Supply Management
  • IBM Emptoris Strategic Supply Management Managed Cloud Delivery
  • IBM Emptoris Supplier Lifecycle Management on Cloud
  • IBM Order Management
  • IBM Partner Engagement Manager
  • IBM Sterling B2B Services – File Transfer Service
  • IBM Sterling B2B Services Collaboration Network
  • IBM Sterling B2B Services Reporting & Analytics
  • IBM Sterling e-Invoicing
  • IBM Sterling Web Forms
  • IBM Store Engagement
  • IBM Supply Chain Business Network (SCBN)

    SCBN includes:

    • Essentials Edition
    • Standard Edition
    • Premium Edition
    • e-Invoicing Services
    • Synchronous Process & Process Enrichment Services
    • Document Conversion Services
    • IBM Web Forms
  • IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud
  • IBM Universal Behavior Exchange
  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation (formerly known as “IBM Watson Campaign Automation Engage”)
  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation for Group Messaging
  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation for Social Audiences
  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation Mobile (formerly known as "IBM Mobile Customer Engagement")
  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation Performance Insights
  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation SMS
  • IBM Watson Commerce Insights
  • IBM Watson Content Hub (formerly known as "IBM Digital Content Hub")
  • IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics
  • IBM Watson Marketing Insights (formerly known as “IBM Predictive Customer Analytics on Cloud”)
  • IBM Watson Supply Chain Insights

Watson Health

  • IBM Clinical Development
  • IBM Clinical Trial Management System for Sites
  • IBM Watson Annotator for Clinical Data
  • IBM Watson Care Manager
  • IBM Watson for Clinical Trial Matching
  • IBM Watson for Genomics
  • IBM Watson For Oncology
  • IBM Watson Platform for Health