Redis Labs on IBM POWER8. Built for big data, mobile, social and cloud.

POWER8 combines computing power, memory bandwidth, cache, I/O throughput and CAPI to deliver breakthrough performance and economics for Redis Labs.

The powerful pairing of the Redis NoSQL open source data engine and Power Systems facilitates developer processes, delivering next-generation applications with near-zero latency, high availability and seamless scalability to meet user expectations.


Benefit from massive memory with over twice the bandwidth of prior generation servers to process data faster with greater transaction speed and efficiency.


Realize lower TCO for this NoSQL infrastructure with high levels of consolidation compared to traditional approaches.


Run Redis on IBM Power Systems as a cloud-based service or an on-premises enterprise solution.


Adopt RAM-based NoSQL technology as simple data stores for fast access table look-ups, reads and writes.

Drive business growth with lower total cost of ownership

Gain real-time insights

Instantaneous analytics for real-time decision making, with ability to handle millions data points/sec with <1ms latency.



Serve more users

More throughput than x86 due to POWER8's data-centric design.


more throughput

Bring costs down

Lower cost per transaction than similarly specked x86.


lower $/transaction

Regain infrastructure control, improve NoSQL database performance and rein in costs

A new breed of solutions for digital transformation

IDC helps companies navigate how to transform their business for the digital transformation which demands a new approach to data management.

Blog: Accelerating insights with Redis Labs and IBM Power Systems

Learn how next-generation enterprise applications are delivering insights at the speed of business.

Power the future of big data

Cloud-ready and designed for open source, OpenPOWER LC is the superior choice for powering next generation business capabilities. With a processor for big data and an ecosystem to bring new capabilities to the enterprise data center.

The future of big data is only as bright as the ecosystem – and the enterprise – that manages it.

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