Neo4j on POWER8 makes real-time graph queries possible

The pairing of the industry-leading Neo4j graph database with the performance of IBM Power systems resets the scalability benchmark for what real-time graph processing can deliver – with1.6x price/performance over x86 platforms for starters. You reap the benefits of highly scalable graph storage and processing capabilities in an accessible connected infrastructure – with real-time insights to your data. Mapping relationships between data points provides a scalable platform to build intelligent applications. And at the hub of your enterprise, the enterprise edition of open source Neo4j and Power Systems provides a platform that is unmatched in performance, scalability, availability and cost efficiency.

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Real-time data insights

Extracts real-time business value from diverse data relationships with intelligent analytics applications

Agile data model

Incorporates agile development cycles so when your business requirements change, the data model can flexibly adapt in minutes

Exceptional scalability

Scales both up and out with graphs of extremely large size – all in-memory

CAPI Flash memory

Provides up to 56 terabytes of extended memory on a single POWER8 system for handling data graphs of massive size and scale

Neo4j with IBM POWER8 positions your organization for innovation



Speed results

Provides fast access to large volumes of connected data to speed time to response for mobile, web and analytics applications.

Optimize efficiency

Manages connected data without the format restrictions of relational databases.

Reduce costs

Uses FLASH memory for greater density at a lower cost than RAM, without sacrificing performance.

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As the world’s leading graph database, Neo4j helps business leaders not only manage larger volumes of data but generate insights from their data relationships, and they apply those insights in real time at the point of touch.

Large Scale Graph Processing with IBM Power Systems and Neo4j

In today’s highly connected world – from supply chains to payment networks to digital business and complex portfolios, companies need to understand and navigate not just data, but relationships inside the data.