Is your business ready to seize new opportunities as they arise?

Is your business ready to seize new opportunities as they arise?

See how you can change your enterprise from reactive to proactive with Kinetica on IBM's OpenPOWER LC servers. Hardware that allows you to break barriers between GPUs and CPUs using NVIDIA NVLink technology.

Discover the possibilities

Kinetica on IBM's OpenPOWER LC servers with NVIDIA NVlink technology

Unparalleled acceleration

An industry first — POWER8 with NVIDIA NVLink delivers 2.5X the bandwidth to GPU accelerators, allowing you to experience Kinetica at the speed it was intended compared to x86 based systems.



Lower total cost of ownership

OpenPOWER LC systems with 2 GPUs performs as well as comparable x86 systems with 4 GPUs — allowing you to experience true cost savings by deploying Kinetica on Power.


reduction in hardware costs

Real-time results

With the unique capabilities of Tesla P100 + POWER8, Kinetica has 2.4x the performance of competing systems enabling you to analyze and visualize large datasets in milliseconds vs. hours or minutes.



A new breed of solutions for digital transformation

IDC helps companies navigate how to transform their business for the digital transformation which demands a new approach to data management.

IBM POWER and new levels of innovation

The IBM OpenPOWER LC servers are a line of powerful new servers co-developed by IBM and several other OpenPOWER Foundation members, such as Wistron, NVIDIA, and Xilinx, based on POWER architecture to bring true open innovation and accelerated computing to your business.

Big data presents big opportunities

Address the demanding needs of today’s complex applications with economic advantages that scale as business requirements grow. The superior economics of modern database management solutions on OpenPOWER bring future capabilities into focus faster:

• Next generation applications
• Real-time analytics
• New data sources and types
• Cloud-readiness

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