Every IT organization wants to maximize efficiency and minimize risk by deploying some form of hybrid cloud architecture in their datacenter. Power Systems works with a rich ecosystem of service providers to provide tailored hosted cloud solutions fit for your particular purpose.

POWER8 in IBM Cloud

Built on IBM OpenPOWER architecture, these servers combine high-performance, storage, and I/O to focus on increasing volumes of data while maintaining system speed. Host your big data in a Linux environment. POWER8 servers will put your data to work, not just store it.

Public clouds built with Power Systems

Skytap’s AIX On-Demand Instances is the first cloud solution that enables IT to rapidly migrate, develop, and deploy AIX workloads running on Power Systems side-by-side with Linux workloads. AIX On-Demand Instances enables end-users to templatize, clone, and provision their own blended environments in seconds, while IT maintains access controls and governs usage.


IBM Hyperconverged Systems, powered by Nutanix

Deploy AIX environments off-premises with IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions

POWER8 in IBM Cloud

IBM i monthly licensing now available