Dramatically speed and simplify the delivery of business insight

• Faster and less complex analytic queries and reporting using dynamic in-memory columnar technologies
• Certified by SAP
• Seamlessly integrated with DB2

Speed up analytic queries and reporting. Reduce complexity.

Gain the performance advantages of next-generation in-memory processing without the cost or limitations of in-memory-only systems.

  • Load-and-go simplicity
  • Actionable compression: analyze compressed data, eliminating the need for additional I/O and computing power for decompression
  • Columnar format enhances performance by reducing the amount of data that needs to be processed for a query

Explore key elements to consider when evaluating in-memory database options

Analytics at the speed of thought

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and DB2 on
Power Systems optimized to deliver insights 82X faster

Seamlessly integrated with DB2

Delivers blazing-fast mobile response time, instant insights with real-time analytics, and fortified security for hybrid and private clouds

IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration

Discover next-generation in-memory performance

Faster analytics

High performance, highly resilient and secure data warehouse infrastructure for faster transaction and analytics reporting.

Cost efficiency

IBM DB2 and IBM Power Systems work together to help organizations transform data into actionable insights, all while controlling costs.

A proven solution for SAP

Provides continuous access to data with 24x7 availability, accelerated analytics, and optimized data economics for mission critical workloads.

Built on IBM POWER8

Built on processor-based scale out and enterprise servers.

Virtualization with PowerVM

Provides security, resilience and the flexibility to add analytics applications such as IBM Cognos or IBM SPSS in separate virtual machines.

Capacity on Demand

Functions in the Power enterprise-class models enable the seamless addition of processor cores and memory for greater capacity, and application migration without powering down the system.