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New IBM Power server extends AI workloads from core to cloud to edge for added business value across industries Announcing IBM Power S1012 Announcing IBM i 7.5 TR4 and IBM i 7.4 TR10 IBM Power S1012 data sheet AI on IBM Power: The platform built for enterprise AI IBM Power S1012 Technical Overview and Introduction IBM Power Facts and Features (updated)
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Continuing innovation with AIX
For over three decades, customers have trusted AIX to run their most mission critical applications. Today (and well into the future) AIX delivers innovation that allows you to build and deploy modern applications in a secure and resilient environment.
Explore AIX AIX Overview AIX Solution Brief AIX 7.3 Docs AIX Community AIX Toolbox for Open Source Software AIX security AIX running on IBM Power10 is a winning combination for your business
IBM i is the trusted platform for business IBM i delivers resiliency, security, and a robust architecture that delivers more value from advanced technology with fewer resources and higher reliability.
Explore IBM i IBM i Overview IBM i Strategy Paper IBM i 7.5 Data Sheet IBM i Community IBM i Open Source IBM i Modernization Engine for Lifecycle Integration (Merlin) Celebrate 35 Years of IBM i IBM i LUG COMMON COMMON Education Foundation
Enterprise Linux on Power delivers the foundation for your open source hybrid cloud infrastructure Amplify the many benefits of open source technology – reliability, security and scalability – with industry-leading cloud-native deployment options.
Explore Enterprise Linux on Power Linux on Power Overview Power Developer eXchange Community Porting Learning Path IBM PowerVC SAP HANA on IBM Power
Red Hat OpenShift: The platform for application modernization Leverage existing application investments and reap all the innovation, technology, and economic benefits of the Power platform as you incremenatally modernize your technology stack.
Explore OpenShift on Power Cost benefits of OpenShift on Power Why enable your software on OpenShift on Power Deploy OpenShift on Power Systems Virtual Server Modernization Field Guide How-To: Continually Optimize OpenShift on IBM Power OpenShift on Power 60-day free trial
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2024 TechZone Power Demo Showcase Webinar Series Every month we showcase Power demos from the TechZone Power Demo Collection that can be utilized (FREE!) for self-education or to accelerate customer engagements.
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IBM i Guided Tours Hour long webinars on various IBM i topics presented by IBM experts. Event IconWebinar | Various dates | Register
IBM Power’s latest update takes it to the edge Join us to learn about the latest advancements in the IBM Power platform. We’ll focus on how we can help your business thrive in a world where speed and efficiency matter most, adopting technologies that enable you to process data closer to where it’s generated, reducing latency and improving real-time processing capabilities. We’ll cover advanced Power security capabilities and the ability to modernize your apps and systems with AI and IoT technologies in and outside data centers. Event Icon On-demand replay | Register Modernize your infrastructure with IBM Power Virtual Server Join this webinar where IBM Product Manager, Tonny Bastiaans, will discuss how IBM Power Virtual Server accelerates time-to-value with frictionless and timely migration of workloads to the cloud; improves operational cost, fostering operational excellence and cost optimization; and enables business expansion and worldwide growth by enabling data center optimization . Event Icon On-demand replay | Register Northeast User Groups Conference Annual Conference NEUGC is the largest technical conference in New England for IBM i and has been going strong for more than 30 years. Take advantage of this affordable opportunity to learn from the best speakers in the industry and network with your peers right in your own backyard.

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Introduction to Liberty InstantOn on IBM Power with OpenShift Container Platform 4.14 "Instant On" for applications is highly desirable in today's cloud and server-less environments where applications should scale to zero when not in use and then create new instances immediately to handle the increased load.
Join Vijay Sundaresan and Younes Manton from the IBM Java Development team as they explore the future of InstantOn for Java applications using Checkpoint/Restore in user-space (CRIU), a feature on Linux that enables you to take a snapshot of a running process.

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How Rocket Software and IBM Power10 bring Generative AI into production Generative AI is IBM Power10’s sweet spot for AI. Unique acceleration capabilities, a flexible orchestration, and safeguarding mechanisms all make AI reality in mission-critical contexts, acknowledging typical enterprise requirements and the need to effectively manage costs and ROI of AI solutions. Attend this webcast to hear how Rocket Software enabled more than 300 open-source software packages and tools to run natively on Linux and Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power and benefit from Power10 on-chip acceleration.

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Getting started with Multi-Arch Compute workloads with your Red Hat OpenShift cluster Join Paul Bastide, IBM Senior Software Engineer, as he introduces the background behind Multi-Arch Compute and then gets you started setting up, configuring, and scheduling workloads on your OpenShift Container Platform clusters. Paul will then take you through a brief demonstration showing common problems and solutions for running multiple architectures in the same cluster.

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T-Mobile and IBM Power: Driving innovation via Infrastructure as Code One of the largest telecommunications providers in the world, T-Mobile, is delivering an advanced 4G LTE and transformative nationwide 5G network while generating over $80B in annual revenue. Their IT organization wanted to drive innovation via Hybrid Cloud and Automation to meet these increased business demands from 5G. T-Mobile built on the superior capabilities of IBM Power by making it easier to consume and manage.
Join this webcast to hear from T-Mobile about how they are using IBM Power and Red Hat Ansible.

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Open source, IBM i, and your career Open source technologies have been commonplace on IBM i for some time. Still, it can be hard to comprehend the size of the toolset that is available for the platform. Join Jesse Gorzinski Business Architect of AI Solutions for IBM i as he delves into the world of open source development on IBM i. First, he'll cover some of the many use cases for deploying open source in your business. Second, he'll discuss the advantages that open source can bring to your personal career and professional development. It's not just a "fad." Leverage open source for IBM i today!

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Non-disruptive modernization of SAP workloads running on AIX, IBM i and Linux environments For customers who run SAP ERP on AIX, IBM i and Linux on Power environments, this webinar will help evaluate the cloud modernization options for these environments. You will learn: Cloud modernization options for SAP ERP on AIX, IBM i and Linux on Power environments; key considerations while evaluating these options; and how to get started.

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Reducing your Oracle Unlimited License Agreement costs to improve your business outcomes Do you have an active Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) contract? Are you starting to think about what you'll do at the end of your Oracle ULA contract (renew it or exit/certify)? We cordially invite you to attend our webinar, "Reducing Oracle ULA costs to enhance business outcomes". This session is designed to help you optimize your Oracle (ULA) costs and achieve better business outcomes.

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Expand to hybrid cloud and drive business outcomes with IBM Power Virtual Server Are you looking to expand your hybrid cloud journey and move your mission-critical workloads to the cloud? IBM Power Virtual Server offers a straightforward path for businesses to extend their SAP, Oracle, and IBM i workloads off-premises, enabling them to adopt a seamless hybrid cloud strategy. Join this webinar where experts from IBM, FNTS, and T.S.P discuss how Power Virtual Server drives transformation and modernization with hybrid cloud infrastructure with class-leading reliability, security and performance, and more.

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IBM i Subscription Term Licensing Starting on 26 March, 2024, IBM i entitlements for new purchases of P05 and P10 tier Power machines will only be available as subscription term offerings moving forward. Subscription term licensing will provide a chance for IBM to accelerate the development of new technologies like AI and analytics, giving clients new ways to add value to their business applications.
Join us on February 21, 2024 at 1PM EST as we discuss the transformation of the IBM i portfolio with subscription term licensing.

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Accelerate Automation with IBM Power Watch the replay of this webcast to hear from your peers on how they are using IBM® Power® and automation to: Automate repetitive tasks and quickly identify and resolve production issues, right-size infrastructure for applications and streamline operations with consistent management of VMs and containers, and simplify day one and day two operations and improve the services they deliver across private and public clouds. Event IconOn-demand replay| Register IBM Power: Driving Agility and Choice with Flexible Consumption Options As more enterprises strive to reduce costs while maintaining the scalability and agility required to stay competitive in today's fast-paced business landscape, on-demand consumption IT has grown increasingly popular. IBM Power's on-prem and public cloud consumption models can enable clients to quickly scale their IT infrastructure up or down to optimize costs while adapting and rapidly responding to dynamic business opportunities and challenges. Regardless of industry or company size, the shift to consumption-based IT is clear. Event IconOn-demand replay| Register Winterhalter's Journey to SAP S/4HANA with IBM Power Winterhalter, a global B2B dishwashing machine manufacturer based in Germany, is migrating to SAP S/4HANA. Winterhalter has used IBM Power servers for several years but looked at multiple options before finally deciding to use Power as the basis for their transformation journey to SAP S/4HANA. Learn about the business needs and challenges that drove Winterhalter's decision to migrate to SAP S/4HANA and why they chose IBM Power10 processor-based servers for their mission-critical SAP workloads. Event IconOn-demand replay | Register Improve performance and accelerate business outcomes with AIX 7.3 TL updates Hear from IBM AIX Product Manager Jayen Shah and Carl Burnet, DE for IBM Power, about the latest enhancements on AIX 7.3. Event IconOn-demand replay | Register Enterprise Hybrid Cloud - Power Pilot & Beyond Las Vegas TechXchange Session 2939, with Paul Chapman (IBM) and Donn Bullock (Tectrade) discussing Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Pilot & Beyond. Event IconOn-demand replay | Register Powering AI Innovation: Exploring Real Time AI Use Cases for AIX on Power10 Watch as Jayen Shah, Sanket Rathi, and Sebastian Lehrig from IBM Product Management and Development dive into the realm of AI innovation powered by IBM Power. In this 1-hour session, they will showcase the impressive capabilities for AI on the cutting-edge Power10 architecture. Event IconOn-demand replay | Register Introducing Red Hat OpenShift Installer-Provisioned Installation (IPI) for IBM Power Virtual Servers Watch a replay of this webinar to learn why the benefits of the OpenShift IPI installation method goes well beyond installation and into the cluster lifecycle.

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IBM Power can Solve your Gnarliest AI Challenges Watch the replay to learn about implementing AI on IBM Power and the capabilities that are available to get started today! During this 1-hour live webinar, we will cover how the most common AI libraries are packaged and made available to consume for our Power users, provide example AI use cases deployed on Power, and cover the performance benefits of running AI on Power through the optimized AI libraries. Event Icon On-demand replay | Register Intro to Red Hat OpenShift GitOps on Power Learn about Red Hat OpenShift GitOps on Power fromGerrit Huizenga and Amir Sanjar from the IBM Power Linux Open Source Ecosystem Team and Gerald Nunn from Red Hat. Event Icon On-demand replay | Register Think 2023 Experience IBM’s premier event to learn how IBM can help you tap into hybrid cloud and AI opportunities Event Icon On-demand replay | Register Announcements from the IBM i Team Hear about the latest IBM i announcements from the IBM i team, including updates on the roadmap and strategy for the platform, the newest enhancements to the operating system and related software, improvements for high availability, application modernization, database features, cloud capabilities, and more. Event Icon On-demand replay | Register
Hardware access and co-creation opportunities for Power ISVs Modernization with IBM Power and Red Hat Automation with Power community is now live Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is now Available on IBM Power! New IBM RedBook: Using Ansible for Automation with IBM Power IBM CP4D 4.8 Expands Coverage on IBM Power! Leveraging Modernization Capabilities on IBM Power