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Combining AI with a trusted data approach on IBM Power to fuel business outcomes IBM Power is designed for AI and advanced workloads so that enterprises can inference and deploy AI algorithms on sensitive data on Power systems. Positioning IBM i clients for future hybrid cloud success IBM is announcing a shift in our licensing model for IBM i to a simplified subscription-based model. Starting March 26, 2024, IBM i entitlements for P05 and P10 software licenses will only be available as subscription-term offerings moving forward. Celebrate 35 Years of Business Computing on IBM i Don't miss this TechChannel special, featuring interviews with IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect Steve Will and others who explore the platform, people, partners, and innovations that make IBM i great, with information on the ecosystem, IBM Champions, user groups, Rising Stars, and more. Announcing IBM i 7.5 TR2 and 7.4 TR8 Steve Will introduces the latest IBM i Technology Refreshes and their benefits to SQL application developers and database engineers. Focusing on Increasing Profitability and Performance When Clients Need It Most As the demand for IT services accelerates, delivering cost-effective computing environments becomes more critical. Today, IBM Power unveils several updates designed to help clients move forward with their digital transformations. Read the blog to learn more! IDC WHITE PAPER: The Key Requirements of Modernization and the Role of IBM Power10 IDC identified 12 key requirements for modern enterprise-class computing, which can be seen as the fundamental tenets of modernization as part of digital transformation. Read to learn more.
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IBM Power + ISVs = customer value IBM is committed to building strong partnerships with our ISV community to help solve client challenges. Explore ISV testimonials and success stories

Modernize applications and infrastructure with a frictionless hybrid cloud experience

Continuing innovation with AIX
For over three decades, customers have trusted AIX to run their most mission critical applications. Today (and well into the future) AIX delivers innovation that allows you to build and deploy modern applications in a secure and resilient environment.
Explore AIX AIX Overview AIX Solution Brief AIX 7.3 Docs AIX Community AIX Toolbox for Open Source Software AIX security
IBM i is the trusted platform for business IBM i delivers resiliency, security, and a robust architecture that delivers more value from advanced technology with fewer resources and higher reliability.
Explore IBM i IBM i Overview IBM i Strategy Paper IBM i 7.5 Data Sheet IBM i Community IBM i Open Source IBM i Modernization Engine for Lifecycle Integration (Merlin)
Linux on Power delivers the foundation for your open source hybrid cloud infrastructure Amplify the many benefits of open source technology – reliability, security and scalability – with industry-leading cloud-native deployment options.
Explore Linux on Power Linux on Power Overview Power Developer eXchange Community Porting Learning Path
Red Hat OpenShift: The platform for application modernization Leverage existing application investments and reap all the innovation, technology, and economic benefits of the Power platform as you incremenatally modernize your technology stack.
Explore OpenShift on Power Cost benefits of OpenShift on Power Why enable your software on OpenShift on Power Deploy OpenShift on Power Systems Virtual Server Modernization Field Guide How-To: Continually Optimize OpenShift on IBM Power OpenShift on Power 60-day free trial
Accelerate your development with access to IBM Power hardware Learn how
IBM i Guided Tours Hour long webinars on various IBM i topics presented by IBM experts. Event IconWebinar | Various dates | Register Powering AI Innovation: Exploring Real Time AI Use Cases for AIX on Power10 Watch as Jayen Shah, Sanket Rathi, and Sebastian Lehrig from IBM Product Management and Development dive into the realm of AI innovation powered by IBM Power. In this 1-hour session, they will showcase the impressive capabilities for AI on the cutting-edge Power10 architecture. Event IconOn-demand replay | Register Introducing Red Hat OpenShift Installer-Provisioned Installation (IPI) for IBM Power Virtual Servers Watch a replay of this webinar to learn why the benefits of the OpenShift IPI installation method goes well beyond installation and into the cluster lifecycle.

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IBM Power can Solve your Gnarliest AI Challenges Watch the replay to learn about implementing AI on IBM Power and the capabilities that are available to get started today! During this 1-hour live webinar, we will cover how the most common AI libraries are packaged and made available to consume for our Power users, provide example AI use cases deployed on Power, and cover the performance benefits of running AI on Power through the optimized AI libraries. Event Icon On-demand replay | Register Intro to Red Hat OpenShift GitOps on Power Learn about Red Hat OpenShift GitOps on Power fromGerrit Huizenga and Amir Sanjar from the IBM Power Linux Open Source Ecosystem Team and Gerald Nunn from Red Hat. Event Icon On-demand replay | Register Think 2023 Experience IBM’s premier event to learn how IBM can help you tap into hybrid cloud and AI opportunities Event Icon On-demand replay | Register Optimize performance and safeguard IT with IBM Power software Join this 30 minute webinar to hear about what’s new with IBM Power software and highlight several customer-driven enhancements that improve user experience, simplify usability, and strengthen security. Event Icon On-demand replay | Register Accelerate your path to modernization with IBM and Red Hat Learn how IBM and Red Hat are helping clients improve operational efficiency to become more agile through cost-effective enterprise open source alternatives. Then hear about how our collaboration with Temenos can provide even greater flexibility and benefits when exploring modernization options for core banking. Event Icon On-demand replay | Register Announcements from the IBM i Team Hear about the latest IBM i announcements from the IBM i team, including updates on the roadmap and strategy for the platform, the newest enhancements to the operating system and related software, improvements for high availability, application modernization, database features, cloud capabilities, and more. Event Icon On-demand replay | Register IBM Power10 does AI without GPUs – Very fast! IBM experts, Eric Aquaronne and Dr. Sebastian Lehrig, demonstrate how OpenCE and Kubeflow combined with IBM Power provides a highly available and secure infrastructure for developing and deploying AI applications at scale. Event Icon On-demand replay | Register On-demand: Bringing .NET to life on IBM Power Learn how .NET 7 support for Linux on Power went from requirement to realization. Our expert panelists show you how this milestone announcement can simplify your app modernization journey. Event Icon On-demand replay | Register
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