Precision Regulation

With concern being raised on an almost daily basis following repeated high-profile violations of consumer trust, governments are feeling an increased obligation to act. The root cause of declining trust in technology has been the irresponsible handling of personal data. Businesses have leverage when they negotiate for someone to use their data, but consumers don’t, which is where government action makes the most sense.

IBM was one of the first in the industry to call for government action, saying not all regulation of the tech industry is bad. But it has to be done carefully and in a precise way.

Our message to governments on this has been clear: fix the real problem – and that means taking a precision regulation approach to address the core issue—irresponsible handling of consumer data and problematic uses of technology—while avoiding unintended consequences that could harm the broader, more responsible digital economy.

We believe that the principal responsibility for protecting consumer data should be placed first and foremost on organizations that collect or handle it.

By adopting precision regulation, we believe governments can strengthen consumer privacy and increase trust in technology—while preserving the engine of growth, innovation and job creation that the digital economy has become.

Precision Regulation