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Category : Statements & Reactions
Infrastructure Deal is a Long-Overdue Investment in America’s Future


July 28, 2021
Categories: Statements & Reactions
IBM Statement for the Record on H.R.6 – American Dream and Promise Act of 2021


June 21, 2021
Categories: Statements & Reactions, Workforce Policy
IBM Urges House Passage of the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act


June 8, 2021
Categories: Emerging Technology, Statements & Reactions
IBM Urges Incoming Biden Administration to Scrap Commerce Department Rule on IT Supply Chain Security


January 15, 2021
Categories: Global Trade, Statements & Reactions
IBM Comments on US Section 301 investigation into Digital Services Taxes


November 11, 2020
Categories: Global Trade, Statements & Reactions
IBM Hails Landmark SCOTUS Decision to Extend Employment Protections to LGBT+ Community


November 11, 2020
Categories: Diversity and Inclusion, Statements & Reactions, Workforce Policy