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Category : Trust & Transparency
IBM welcomes the Senate’s draft NO FAKES Act


December 14, 2023
Categories: Artificial Intelligence, Policy Positions, Trust & Transparency
Precision Regulation for Data-Driven Business Models

IBM suggests a new approach for policymakers to specifically examine the ways in which different consumer-facing data-driven business models pose different kinds of risks. 

November 21, 2022
Categories: Policy Lab Perspectives, Privacy, Trust & Transparency
IBM Statement: Biden's Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets


March 9, 2022
Categories: Cybersecurity, Global Trade, Privacy, Statements & Reactions, Trust & Transparency
International Privacy Day: A strategy for future-proofing your privacy program


January 28, 2022
Categories: Cybersecurity, Privacy, Trust & Transparency
With Great Technology Comes Great Responsibility


March 1, 2018
Categories: Cybersecurity, Privacy, Trust & Transparency
Viewpoint: Trust, Privacy and Data in today’s EU


July 11, 2016
Categories: Europe, Privacy, Trust & Transparency