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Category : Diversity and Inclusion
Technology Workforce Playbook for the U.S.


July 31, 2023
Categories: Diversity and Inclusion, Policy Lab Perspectives, Workforce Policy
IBM’s Reaction to President Biden’s Call for Police Reform


February 8, 2023
Categories: Diversity and Inclusion
IBM Statement on the Respect for Marriage Act Signing


December 13, 2022
Categories: Diversity and Inclusion, Good Tech, Workforce Policy
IBM Welcomes Executive Order on Effective, Accountable Policing 


May 26, 2022
Categories: Diversity and Inclusion, Statements & Reactions
Q&A with Dr. Stacy Hobson and Anjelica Dortch on the IBM Policy Lab's POV “Mitigating Bias in Artificial Intelligence”


May 25, 2021
Categories: Artificial Intelligence, Diversity and Inclusion, Emerging Technology, Policy Lab Perspectives
IBM Hails Landmark SCOTUS Decision to Extend Employment Protections to LGBT+ Community


November 11, 2020
Categories: Diversity and Inclusion, Statements & Reactions, Workforce Policy