IBM's perspective on the EU's Digital Services Act: Building Greater Trust in Technology

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As a global Business-to-Business (B2B) technology company with a significant European footprint, IBM plays a key role in the digital transformation of Europe’s industry, enabling our clients to benefit from the power of data. Cloud technologies, AI, Blockchain, IoT, and data analytics will continue to be crucial to increase the resilience of key sectors in Europe’s economies and build technological sovereignty.

With greater digitization comes greater responsibility

IBM believes that the safety of users online is paramount and we have earned the trust of our clients by responsibly managing their most valuable data, committing to our Trust and Transparency principles, ensuring that we can protect client data and insights, and preventing illegal content from spreading across the Internet.

Digital services providers should be responsible for the societal impact of their platforms

This has become an even greater imperative at a time when the use of digital technologies has accelerated amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and will be an essential part in the recovery of our society and economy.

Therefore, IBM welcomes the European Commission’s proposal for a Digital Services Act (DSA). We are pleased the Commission adopted a “precision regulation” approach that is focused clearly on placing more responsibility on the relevant platforms to tackle illegal content online, something IBM has long called for.

We believe this proposal is an important starting point to build greater trust in technology and can offer an opportunity for Europe to champion online responsibility and accountability, while allowing digital businesses to continue to grow and innovate.


Read IBM’s full contribution to the European Commission’s public consultation on the DSA proposal:

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Amélie Coulet, Senior Manager Government and Regulatory Affairs, IBM Europe


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