What it can do for your business

More reliable infrastructure

At the heart of Reactive Platform is Akka, an actor-based message-driven runtime that provides the foundation for unparalleled resilience.

More profitable infrastructure

Because Reactive Platform is actor-based and uses asynchronous message passing, it more densely utilizes commodity hardware compared with traditional systems bloated by locked threads.

Massive scalability and elasticity

Reactive Platform scales up and out effortlessly on multi-core and cloud computing architectures. It handles abrupt changes in workload without requiring hardware over-provisioning, so you can reap the benefits of elasticity.

Higher developer productivity

Industry analyst Forrester reports that the developer population finds the actor model more approachable, compared to writing multi-threaded code within object-oriented frameworks.

Rapid time to value

The actor-based, asynchronous foundation of Reactive Platform reduces dependencies between components, which enables feature teams to work autonomously and deliver continuously.

Disrupt markets

Reactive Platform accelerates time to value, enabling you to rapidly innovate to capture entirely new markets.

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