Learn how to build supply chain resiliency with intelligent automation

Benefits of IBM supply chain solutions

Exceed customer expectations and differentiate your brand

Get your customers what they need — when and where they need it — while preserving business continuity.

Enable intelligent, end-to-end supply chain visibility and transparency

Get real-time intelligence and actionable recommendations to reduce disruption mitigation time from days to hours.

Simplify, expedite and automate supplier management

Reduce the time, cost and risk associated with qualifying, validating and managing new suppliers and respond to supplier issues quickly — even in times of crisis.

Sense and respond to changes in demand — as they occur

Evolve supply chain planning and processes to reduce operational silos, respond to market disruptions, mitigate risk and maintain business continuity.

Supply chain services

Develop your supply chain processes into intelligent workflows to improve visibility throughout your supply chain. IBM experts can help you build an adaptable and resilient supply chain.

Supply chain case studies

JOANN Stores

JOANN Stores quickly pivots its supply chain to handle online orders

JOANN Stores quickly pivots its supply chain to handle online orders (02:19)

JOANN Stores

See how IBM helped JOANN Stores’ supply chain quickly respond to COVID-19.

Farmer Connect

Farmer Connect + IBM

Farmer Connect + IBM (03:09)

Farmer Connect

Farmer Connect uses IBM Food Trust™ to transparently connect coffee growers to the consumers they serve.

Building supply chain resiliency with AI-driven workflows

Intelligent workflows help supply chain leaders outperform their peers in revenue growth and profitability.

Featured supply chain products and solutions

Order management

Deliver on more customer promises with a seamless omnichannel customer experience and the ability to optimize order fulfillment across every location in your supply chain.

Supply chain collaboration

Enable frictionless connectivity and collaboration with suppliers and quickly engage with 800,000 preconnected trading partners to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Supply chain control tower

Provides actionable visibility to orchestrate your end-to-end supply chain network, identify and understand the impact of external events in order to predict disruptions, and take actions based on recommendations to mitigate upstream and downstream effects.

Supply chain transparency

Streamline connectivity and increase transparency with customers, suppliers and trading partners across your supply chain by digitizing and automating B2B transactions on a digital business network.

Container logistics

Build trust among your trading partners by providing access to an interconnected supply chain ecosystem and logistics network that has data coverage for over half of global container shipping volume.

Supply chain intelligence

Increase agility and mitigate disruption with an AI-based supply chain optimization and automation solution.

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